What does it Vicious mean?

What does it Vicious mean?

1a : dangerously aggressive : savage a vicious dog. b : marked by violence or ferocity : fierce a vicious fight. 2 : malicious, spiteful vicious gossip. 3 : worsened by internal causes that reciprocally augment each other a vicious wage-price spiral. 4 : having the nature or quality of vice or immorality : depraved.

What is the synonym of Vicious?

atrocious, barbarous, cruel, dangerous, depraved, diabolical, ferocious, heinous, infamous, monstrous, nefarious, perverse, savage, vile, violent, wicked, brutal, dirty, evil, fierce.

What is Vicious behavior?

Related Definitions Vicious behavior means showing a propensity without sufficient provocation to do any act which endangers the safety of persons, animals or property.

Is Vicious positive or negative?

Vicious mostly denotes something which concerns the immoral conduct of humans. This usually implies negative connotations. Ferocious mostly denotes something either with a violent and savagery nature. But it can also be used to describe positive consequences as well.

What does Interpositioning mean?

Interpositioning refers to the illegal practice of using an unneeded third party, usually another broker-dealer, between the customer and the best available market price, with the sole purpose being to generate extra commissions at the cost of the customer.

What does it mean to be merciless?

or showing no mercy
Definition of merciless : having or showing no mercy : pitiless the merciless killing of innocent people.

What is mortality synonym?

Synonyms & Antonyms of mortality

  • dead,
  • deadness,
  • death,
  • grave,
  • lifelessness,
  • nothingness,
  • sleep.

What is a aggressive person?

Aggression, according to social psychology, describes any behavior or act aimed at harming a person or animal or damaging physical property. A few examples of aggressive acts: acts of physical violence. shouting, swearing, and harsh language. gossiping or spreading rumors about a classmate.

What is an example of aggression?

Physical, like beating, hitting, kicking, or stabbing another person. Damaging property is also a form of physical aggression. Verbal, which may include mocking, name-calling, and yelling. Relational, which is intended to harm another person’s relationships.

What is the difference between cruel and vicious?

As adjectives the difference between vicious and cruel is that vicious is pertaining to vice; characterised by immorality or depravity while cruel is not nice; mean; heartless.

What’s another word for vicious cycle?

Find another word for vicious-circle. In this page you can discover 16 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for vicious-circle, like: predicament, endless loop, concatenation of events, vicious-cycle, causal nexus, , , interreliant problems, difficulty, chain of circumstances and chain-reaction.