What does it mean when someone says that was short-lived?

What does it mean when someone says that was short-lived?

adjective. Something that is short-lived does not last very long. Any hope that the speech would end the war was short-lived. Synonyms: brief, short, temporary, fleeting More Synonyms of short-lived.

What is short live?

/ˌʃɔːtˈlɪvd/ If a feeling or experience is short-lived, it only lasts for a short time: I had a few relationships in college, most of which were fairly short-lived. Synonyms. ephemeral.

Is it short-lived or short-lived?

Merriam-Webster lists “short-lived” [“-livd”] first, but Dictionary.com lists “short-lived” [“-lahyvd”] first. Collins Dictionary, a British dictionary, lists “short-lived” [“-livd”] as the British pronunciation and “short-lived” [“-lahyvd”] as the American pronunciation.

Is short-lived a compound noun?

[short + (long)-lived.] Usage Note: The pronunciation (-līvd) is etymologically correct since the compound is derived from the noun life, rather than from the verb live. But the pronunciation (-lĭvd) is by now so common that it cannot be considered an error.

How do you use short lived?

Short-lived sentence example

  1. But his distress was short-lived, and he talked a number of lodgers into a late afternoon dip at the pool.
  2. Dean’s victory was short lived .
  3. Any pain she caused was going to be short lived and quickly fixed, when she revealed herself to Gabriel once more and told him they could be together.

What is the meaning of short lasting?

adjective. Occurring or effective for only a short period of time. ‘the bug causes short-lasting outbreaks of abdominal pain and nausea’

How do you say long lived?

Usage notes. The pronunciation /laɪvd/ (rhyming with hived) is more consistent with the word’s etymology (from the noun life rather than the verb live), and was formerly more common. However, the pronunciation /lɪvd/ (the second syllable pronounced as the verb lived) is more common today.

Is short-lived an adverb?

SHORT-LIVED (adjective) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.

Why was the writers joy short lift?

Due to all this, he felt quite lonely and terrified in Mumbai in general and IIT in particular. He developed an inferiority complex and wanted to run away from IIT and even Mumbai. Thus, his joy at getting into IIT was shortlived.

Is short lived an adverb?

What is the meaning of May you live long?

It expresses hope that someone will have a long life. ‘You may live long’, however, expresses the hope that you will live long, but also seems to imply that you also may noot. ‘Live long you may’ sounds like something Yoda, the Jedi Master, might say.

What is difference between live and live?

Live and live are two words that are spelled identically but are pronounced differently and have different meanings, which makes them heteronyms. These word pairs are often misused words.