What does active servicing mean in mortgage?

What does active servicing mean in mortgage?

Loan servicing includes sending monthly payment statements, collecting monthly payments, maintaining records of payments and balances, collecting and paying taxes and insurance (and managing escrow funds), remitting funds to the note holder, and following up on any delinquencies.

What is a mortgage servicing fee?

A servicing fee is the percentage of each mortgage payment made by a borrower to a mortgage servicer as compensation for keeping a record of payments, collecting, and making escrow payments, passing principal and interest payments along to the note holder.

What does servicing retained mean on a mortgage?

Related Definitions Servicing Retained Mortgage Loan means a Mortgage Loan acquired by Seller from an entity that retained the Servicing Rights.

What is a mortgage servicing asset?

A mortgage servicer may do a number of things, including servicing assets such as the following: handling monthly payments (and the statements associated with them), managing mortgage insurance fees, allocating principal and interest in your mortgage payments, managing property taxes and escrow funds and more.

Who pays mortgage servicing?

Generally, there are two ways for the lender to set up mortgage servicing: The lender decides to service the loan itself, in which case the lender is also the servicer. When this happens, the homeowner makes monthly payments to the lender.

What is retained servicing?

As an alternative, “servicing retained” sales provide you with an earning asset for which you will receive income throughout the remaining life of the loan. Given that the income is received over time, it may make the value more difficult to quantify, but the income is real and worth considering.

What does it mean if your mortgage has been Service released?

Servicing-Released Basis means the method or basis for the sale of the Loan whereby all rights, obligations, liabilities, and responsibilities in connection with the servicing and administration of the Loan are released, relinquished, sold, transferred, conveyed and assigned by Seller to Buyer.

What are servicing assets?

Servicing assets and liabilities are contracts to service financial assets. They are either assets or liabilities, depending on whether the fees paid to the servicer are expected to be more or less than adequate compensation for the servicing. They are not financial assets and financial liabilities.

Can you refinance if you are on a forbearance?

Borrowers can refinance after a forbearance, but only if they make timely mortgage payments following the forbearance period. If you have ended your forbearance and made the required number of on-time payments, you can start the refinancing process.