What do you do when your Sony camera stops working?

What do you do when your Sony camera stops working?

Make sure the battery is properly inserted in the camera. Attempt to turn on the camera. If the issue is not resolved and you have the optional AC power adapter, try connecting it to the camera and a working electrical outlet. Attempt to turn on the camera.

Where is the reset button on a Sony Cyber-shot camera?

The RESET [FIG. 1] button on the Cyber-shot® camera is located by the battery compartment, under the battery and Memory Stick® media cover.

Why is my camera not turning on Sony?

Make sure you’re using fresh or fully-charged batteries. After putting in the battery, it may take a few minutes before the power turns on because the camera status is being checked. This is not a malfunction. If the battery charge has been depleted, try again after charging.

Why is my Sony Cybershot camera screen black?

If the LCD screen is black and knowing that the camera is on by the electrical or mechanical sounds it makes, then the problem may either be a broken LCD screen or an image sensory problem. See guide on how to replace LCD screen or to replace the CCD to fix the sensory problem.

How do I reset my Sony Cyber shot?

Reset button on the camera: Locate the RESET button on the camera. Use a pointed object (like a ballpoint pen) to press and hold the RESET button for 2-3 seconds. After 2-3 seconds, release the RESET button.

How do I fix my Sony Cybershot camera?


  1. Turn the power off, eject the battery pack, and reinsert it into the camera.
  2. Turn the power back on and check if the drive part of the lens moves properly.
  3. If the lens still will not open, retract or extend, then reset the camera. [A] Drive part of the lens.

Can a digital camera be fixed?

A digital camera repair can cost 30 to 50% of it’s original price. If your camera needs repair, weigh the cost over buying one that is new or factory refurbished. Also consider the age of your digital cameras. Many new models have considerably improved during the past few years.