What denomination is Hobe sound bible Church?

What denomination is Hobe sound bible Church?

Hobe Sound Bible College is a Christian college in Hobe Sound, Florida. It is a part of the conservative holiness movement and aligned with Wesleyan-Arminian (Methodist) theology….Hobe Sound Bible College.

Former names Hobe Sound Bible Institute
Website www.hsbc.edu

What are the proofs of the divine nature of Jesus?

But we know it especially because Jesus did something no one has ever done: He rose from the dead, by the power of God. His resurrection is the final proof of His divine nature.

What is the doctrine of holiness?

The doctrine of holiness is grounded in the command to be holy as God is holy (Lev. 19:2 and other Old Testament loci). Jesus commanded, “Be perfect therefore as your Father in heaven is perfect” (Mt. 5:48).

What college is HSBC?

The Health Sciences Business Center (HSBC) serves the financial and administrative needs of the following Oregon State University colleges: College of Public Health and Human Sciences.

Who is the pastor of Hobe Sound Bible Church?

Rev. Rodney Loper, Pastor of Hobe Sound Bible Church and family.

Why do Protestants only recognize 39 Old Testament books?

Why do Protestants only recognize thirty-nine Old Testament Books as inspired? They protested against all of the other books. List three examples that God was faithful to the Chosen People during the Old Testament. God kept his promise on all of his testaments.

Are holiness churches Pentecostal?

The traditional Holiness movement is distinct from the Pentecostal movement, which believes that the baptism in the Holy Spirit involves supernatural manifestations such as speaking in unknown tongues.

What does Jesus say about holiness?

1 Peter 1:13-25 calls all people of faith to live a life of holiness. Literally, holy living means that the Christian lives a life that is set apart, reserved to give glory to God. It is a life of discipline, focus, and attention to matters of righteous living.