What are the problems of cultism?

What are the problems of cultism?

However, some of the effects of cultism include loss of lives and properties, disruption of academic activities on campuses, unsafe university environments. It was therefore recommended that all the stakeholders in the university education system should fuse efforts to combat the menace.

What are the five consequences of cultism?

  • Breakdown of law and order.
  • Violence and social instability.
  • Disruption of academic activities.
  • Disorientation of societal values.
  • Premature death of youths who are cult members/innocent victims.
  • Drug addiction and related health problems.

What is a examination?

An examination (exam) is a test. Many things may be examined, but the word is most often used for an assessment of a person. In education an examination is a test to show the knowledge and ability of a student. A student who takes an examination is a candidate.

What are the causes and effect of examination malpractice?

The study revealed that examination malpractices brings total loss of trust in the educational system, reduced enrolment of students in school, frequent cancellation of results, discourages good students/candidates from studying hard, derives innocent students’ opportunity for admission, decrease job efficiency, bring …

What is the punishment for examination malpractice?

commits an offence and is liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding N50,000 or imprisonment for a term not exceeding three years or to both such fine and imprisonment.

What does cultism mean?

1. cultism – devotion to the doctrine or a cult or to the practices of a cult. devotion – commitment to some purpose; “the devotion of his time and wealth to science” 2. cultism – religious zeal; the willingness to serve God.

How can we prevent cultism?

Preventive Measures against Cultism

  1. Moral Education should be made compulsory in the primary and secondary schools in the country.
  2. Parents should take time to understand their children, give enough time to listen to them at home and satisfy their emotional psychological and physical needs.

How can we stop cultism in Nigeria?

The following are the suggested solution to cultism in the country….Suggested solution to cultism in Nigeria

  1. Public campaign against cultism. Different organizations, including the government, schools, religious institutions, and parents, should promote awareness against cultism.
  2. Discipline.
  3. Government Standard.

How can we prevent examination malpractice?

At present, schools prevent examination malpractice through invigilation, structural arrangements in the examination rooms and punishment of offenders. These methods are failing schools in preventing examination malpracitce because they do not address students’ problems that determine examination malpractice.

What are the harmful effects of examination malpractice?

Other effects of examination malpractice includes discouragement of students from hard work, low productivity and poor job performances, bribery, corruption, and certificate racketeering. Examination malpractice with its disadvantages is affecting all the facets of the society negatively.

Why do we conduct examination?

Exams improve the student’s overall personality, memory, and their revision skills. Generally, students give oral and written exams in their schools/colleges. They have a wrong belief like an exam is unnecessary, but if they try to think in a detailed positive manner, they can understand the benefits of exams.

What are the examples of examination malpractice?

Forms of examination malpractice

  • Impersonation:
  • Smuggling of extraneous materials:
  • External assistance:
  • Copying during examination:
  • Collusion:

What is examination malpractice?

Examination malpractice is defined as a deliberate wrong doing contrary to official examination rules designed to place a candidate at unfair advantage or disadvantage.

What are the causes of cultism?

The major causes of cultism in tertiary institutions were influence of peer group; parental background; societal decadence; erosion of education standards; militarization of the Nigerian polity; lack of recreational facilities; quest for power and protection among others.

What are the causes examination malpractice?

From the analysis above, it is apparent that the major causes of examination malpractice are: misplaced priority for certificate acquisition against knowledge and skill acquisition due to the certificate syndrome in the society, Lack of preparation and inadequate preparation by students.

What are the solutions to cultism?

Solutions to Cultism

  • Awareness on the evils of cultism should be constantly made.
  • The evils and dangers of cultism must be taught from primary schools.
  • Laws that discourage cultism should be passed into the constitution.
  • Government should work to increase the standard of living in the society.

What is cultism and its effects?

Therefore, cultism can be defined as a distractive force in the society. The secret cults do not share their ideas and policies with no one. Some people search to become the members of the cults as they have a desire to be responsible for something. Cults can give them some illusion of responsibility.

Why do students engage in examination malpractice?

Poor moral upbringing of students in the society caused them to engage in examination malpractice. 2. Students’ involvement in malpractice is caused by poor conditions under which examinations are conducted such as inappropriate sitting arrangement and poor supervision.