What are the key features of classical conditioning?

What are the key features of classical conditioning?

There 5 key elements when discussing Classical Condition which are: Unconditioned Stimulus (UCS), Unconditioned Response (UCR), Neutral Stimulus (NS), Conditioned Stimulus (CS) and Conditioned Response (CR).

What are the 7 components of classical conditioning?

Classical conditioning process

  • Unconditioned stimulus. This is the thing that triggers an automatic response.
  • Unconditioned response.
  • Conditioned stimulus.
  • Conditioned response.
  • Extinction.
  • Generalization.
  • Discrimination.

What are the basic features of the classical conditioning model of learning?

Classical conditioning is a form of learning whereby a conditioned stimulus (CS) becomes associated with an unrelated unconditioned stimulus (US) in order to produce a behavioral response known as a conditioned response (CR). The conditioned response is the learned response to the previously neutral stimulus.

What are the four basic elements of classical conditioning?

Learning Objectives Review the concepts of classical conditioning, including unconditioned stimulus (US), conditioned stimulus (CS), unconditioned response (UR), and conditioned response (CR).

How do you do classical conditioning?

Teachers are able to apply classical conditioning in the class by creating a positive classroom environment to help students overcome anxiety or fear. Pairing an anxiety-provoking situation, such as performing in front of a group, with pleasant surroundings helps the student learn new associations.

What is the first phase of the classical conditioning process?

The first phase of classical conditioning is called acquisition. This is when the organism begins to learn that the pairing of the two stimuli is not random, and they can expect them to occur together. The organism is acquiring the new learning during this phase.

What is the key feature of classical conditioning quizlet?

Any environmental stimulus that dos not naturally produce a behavioural response. Produces a natural unlearned behavioural response.

Which of the following is a key component concept of classical conditioning?

The key elements in classical conditioning are the unconditioned stimulus, the unconditioned response, the conditioned stimulus and the conditioned response.