Was MasterChef Junior Cancelled?

Was MasterChef Junior Cancelled?

MasterChef Junior has been renewed for an eighth season which will debut March 17, 2022.

Why was MasterChef Cancelled?

Like almost every show on television, the new season of “MasterChef” was delayed in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The 10th season finale aired back in September 2019, making it more than a year since viewers last saw Gordon Ramsay crown an amateur home chef on the reality TV cooking show.

Why did Joe from MasterChef Junior leave?

In May 2019, Bastianich announced his departure from MasterChef Italia in order to dedicate himself to his passion for music. In mid-September of the same year, Bastianich released his first album, titled “Aka Joe”.

Is MasterChef Junior coming back in 2022?

The eighth season of the American competitive reality television series MasterChef Junior premiered on Fox on March 17, 2022….MasterChef Junior (American season 8)

MasterChef Junior
Original network Fox
Original release March 17, 2022 – present
Season chronology

Is MasterChef Junior coming back in 2020?

The kids are back in the kitchen and MasterChef Junior Season 8 finally has a premiere date. Even though Gordon Ramsay has been filling hours of FOX television programming, many people love watching the kids take over the kitchen. Mark the calendar for March 17 because a new group of kid cooks look to impress.

Is MasterChef coming back in 2021?

The eleventh season of the American competitive reality television series MasterChef (subtitled as MasterChef: Legends) premiered on Fox on June 2, 2021, and concluded on September 15, 2021. Gordon Ramsay, Aarón Sanchez, and Joe Bastianich all returned as judges.

Will there be a new MasterChef in 2021?

On Wednesday, May 25 at 8 p.m. ET/PT, MasterChef will bring back All-Star chefs for MasterChef: Back To Win. Gordon Ramsay, Aarón Sánchez and Joe Bastianich will return as judges….Episodes.

# Name Air Dates
17 Finale – Curtis Stone Sep 15, 2021
18 Finale Pt 2 – Michael Cimarusti Sep 15, 2021