Is Vietnamese marble good?

Is Vietnamese marble good?

Vietnam white marble is highly regarded by homeowners and designers for its exceptional whiteness, sparkling and glossy surface, as well as strong structure. The sophisticated and luxurious look that Vietnam white marble possesses is what sets it apart from other natural stones.

Is Vietnam marble good for flooring?

Due to its color and texture, it is a great option for flooring, making counter & tabletops, and furniture. White marble is popular for its white and glittering surface. When used as a kitchen counter material, Vietnam marble will, over time, make stains or etch invisible.

Which is the best white marble in the world?

Carrara marble
Italian marble is considered to be superior by many due to its purity, durability, and beautiful white colour. The fact that many buildings, sculptures, and other works of art made centuries ago out of Carrara marble still exist today is considered a testament to its longevity.

Does Vietnam white marble disadvantages?

When used as a kitchen counter material, Vietnam white marble will, overtime, make stains or etch invisible. You will be surprised to notice some scratches caused by cutting on the surface will significantly fade and blend into the surface and patterns of the white marble.

What is marble onyx?

In marble. The so-called onyx marbles consist of concentric zones of calcite or aragonite deposited from cold-water solutions in caves and crevices and around the exits of springs. They are, in the strict sense, neither marble nor onyx, for true onyx is a banded chalcedony composed largely of silicon…

Which marble is best quality?

Albeta White Marble Albeta marble is one of the finest and the oldest marble and is a great quality marble that does not need any chemical reinforcements like some other stones. It also has no pinholes and does not require any polish.

What is Statuario marble?

Statuario is a famous Italian marble with a pure white background and elegant gray veins that run across the stone. This is a timeless choice that can enhance any space and design style.

Which brand marble is best?

Top 10 Leading Marble Companies of India

  • Oswal Granite.
  • Petros Stone LLP.
  • Millennium Marbles Pvt. Ltd.
  • Elegant Marbles & Grani Industries Ltd.
  • Aditya Stonex.
  • Indian Marble Company.
  • Classic Marble Company.
  • A-Class Marble Company.