Is the Eden Project worth going to?

Is the Eden Project worth going to?

Yes! The Eden Project is definitely worth it. In fact, the Rainforest Biome on its own would be worth it, so all the other activities are bonuses. It might seem like it’s designed for children, but as a group of young adults we found it a really fun day out with a massive helping of knowledge on the side.

How much money does the Eden Project make a year?

Since the Eden Project opened in 2001 it has generated more than £2 billion for the regional economy. Other major sources of funding included the EU and Southwest Regional Development Agency (some £50 million between them, including £26 million towards capital funding from the EU) and £20 million of commercial loans.

Is Eden Project closing?

The Eden Project is to remain closed to visitors into the New Year for safety reasons following last weekend’s flooding and landslips. Managers at Eden have made the decision to extend the closure after further assessments of the damage to the site and say the earliest it could reopen is January 6, 2021.

How is the Eden Project sustainable?

You’ll also see how Eden works with nature in diverse ways, including reducing energy use, making soil from recycled waste, buying locally, driving electric vehicles and supporting responsible global trade.

What is the best time to visit Eden Project?

Best time to visit: The Eden Project is generally quietest after 4pm. During peak periods, you can expect crowds, due to the popularity of the attraction. If you would prefer a quieter experience, perhaps visit outside of the summer months.

What are the negatives of the Eden Project?


  • Traffic has greatly increased in the surrounding area, this means delivery time for certain business are delayed.
  • The build up of traffic has caused a great increase in pollution (IRONIC!)
  • Due to traffic build up the value of surrounding houses has decreased.

Who financed the Eden Project?

1. The Eden Project Opened in 2001. Funded by the Millennium Commission and intended as a way of re-energising the Southwest, the Eden Project opened in March of 2001.

Is Eden Project open all year?

When is Eden open? We’re open most days of the year except 25-26 December, when our staff get a well earned Christmas break, and some days in January and February when we undertake staff training.

How long does it take to get around Eden Project?

about four hours
A day at Eden is a real adventure. The indoor Biomes and the gardens outside cover roughly 30 acres and take about four hours to explore. The site is brimming with facilities to make your visit easy and enjoyable.

Was the Eden Project Successful?

The project which has been a phenomenal success and become one of the country’s best loved attractions in just five years won “best of the best” prize in the British Construction Industry’s (BCI) 20th anniversary awards while the Channel Tunnel was named the top civil engineering project.

Is the Eden Project eco friendly?

At Eden, we work on regenerative sustainability – making things better not just less bad; environmentally, socially and economically.