Is parking free in Chadstone Shopping Centre?

Is parking free in Chadstone Shopping Centre?

Yes, it’s free. And there’s a lot of parking, and a lot of people wanting to park.

Where do you park for Myer Chadstone?

1 Answer. I’m not sure but the best entrance to get in to Myer is by taking the exit off Dandenong Road and taking the first undercover car park on the left. Once parking there you can walk directly in to the back door of Myer.

Is Chadstone all day parking?

Multi-Storey – 2200 spaces 90-minute parking & all-day parking available.

How many parking spots does Chadstone have?

12 answers. Hi there, At Chadstone, we now have 10,000 free and clearly labelled car spaces – to make finding a spot (and finding your car) easier.

Does Chadstone have staff parking?

Most staff park up the top of the multi-level carpark coming in from warrigal road, often this is the best spot in busier times.

Do you get fined at Chadstone Shopping Centre?

Almost $1 million in fines has been dished out by the Sheriff’s Office at the southern hemisphere’s largest shopping centre. During the three-day operation at Melbourne’s Chadstone shopping centre that ended last week more than 14,000 cars were checked, and 3500 outstanding warrants were finalised.

Is there valet parking at Chadstone?

Valet Parking is located on level P1 of Carpark A (Lower Ground, David Jones Car Park), easily accessed off Chadstone Road. Entering via Dandenong Road, drive up, turn left at the roundabout, turn left to enter P1 and down the ramp. Call us on (03) 9563 3355 for more information or visit our FAQs below.

Is there staff parking at Chadstone?

Is there free WIFI at Chadstone?

Browse the web for free while you shop, eat or play at Chadstone. To log onto the wifi network, follow these steps: 1.

What time does Chadstone open on Boxing Day?

Shopping centre opening hours Chadstone: 6am-11pm on Boxing Day with close to 200 sales.