Is Paraphrasing the Same as Plagiarism?

Each writing process often implies studying. Whether or not it is a tutorial paper, weblog submit or newspaper article, it not often will get written from scratch. Even material consultants seek the advice of sources and different consultants earlier than writing.

On this state of affairs, how do you draw the road between unique and borrowed concepts? And if an exterior textual content has been rewritten in different phrases relatively than merely copied, is it nonetheless plagiarized? Lastly, do well-knownfacts require quotation? On this article, we’ll give the solutions to those and different vital questions.

What’s a paraphrase?

In keeping with Merriam-Webster, a paraphrase is “a restatement of a textual content, passage, or work giving the which means in one other type.” In different phrases, authors who wish to paraphrase somebody’s concepts ought to interpret them in a brand new method, but hold the unique which means.

In educational papers, paraphrasing is most well-liked over quoting. By avoiding copying the precise wording, college students get (and exhibit) a deeper understanding of the topic. It is smart to make use of citation as an alternative of paraphrasing solely when an unique textual content is so impactful that it might lose its worth when rewritten.

Paraphrased textual content is plagiarized when

  1. It would not include correct acknowledgement. By re-expressing somebody’s concept in our personal phrases, we do not make it ours. A reader ought to be capable to distinguish our insights from those who belong to another person. The proper method to do this is to offer correct attribution to the related supply. If authors do not give credit score, they find yourself taking it and thus plagiarizing, whether or not it has been carried out deliberately or by chance.
  2. It is too near the unique model. Paraphrasing is a contemporary expression of an concept, not a trivial rewording. It is not sufficient to alter some phrases right here and there and depart the primary textual content unaltered. As an alternative, authors ought to utterly restate the unique passage utilizing their very own vocabulary.

Superficial adjustments usually include a easy synonym alternative or altered sentence order whereas conserving the unique sentence construction. In educational writing, this example might present that college students haven’t got a major understanding of the topic.

If an creator fails to articulate an concept in a brand new method, then he’s plagiarizing even when he is supplied a reference. As a rule, good rewriting implies that there aren’t any similar sequences consisting of seven or extra phrases. When checking for plagiarism with PaperRater’s plagiarism checker, yow will discover an inventory of such matching phrases.

Paraphrased textual content is NOT plagiarized when

  1. It is formatted correctly. Quite the opposite, paraphrasing can’t be thought-about plagiarism when utilized appropriately. Which means that an creator ought to each cite an exterior supply and use as few phrases as attainable from it.

Very often, rephrasing results in a reinvention of the unique concept. Due to this fact, when checking supplied sources, it is a good suggestion to see if an creator has truly succeeded in conveying the unique which means.

  1. It describes widely-known details

It is fairly clear that concepts and interpretations must be cited, however what about well-known details that may’t be attributed to anybody? To illustrate a paper comprises this sentence: “Gravity was found by Sir Isaac Newton, an English mathematician and physicist who lived from 1642-1727.” Sure, there are various comparable and even similar phrases on the Web, but it can’t be thought-about plagiarized, as it’s normal data.

Whereas there isn’t any clear boundary on what frequent data is, the 2 basic standards are ubiquity and anonymity. Earlier than contemplating a reality frequent data, attempt to discover it on 5 impartial and respected sources. If none of them provides a credit score to a sure creator, then it’s normal data.

The underside line

Paraphrasing will be each plagiarism and a strategy to keep away from it. When appropriately cited and expressed in unique phrases, paraphrasing is completely legit and even welcome. If any of those situations hasn’t been met, then plagiarism has taken place. For instance, if an creator offers a reference however his language is simply too near the unique, it is plagiarism. Alternatively, even when an creator distills a borrowed concept into his personal phrases, he nonetheless wants to offer credit score relatively than take it.

On the identical time, paraphrased well-known details can be utilized with out quotation and should not be thought-about plagiarism, as they convey frequent data. Virtually all the pieces we all know and write about is one way or the other based mostly on these details. That is why when getting a plagiarism report, it is sensible to test if matching phrases categorical stolen concepts or well-known details.