Is Kudox a good radiator brand?

Is Kudox a good radiator brand?

Are Kudox radiators good? Yes, Kudox radiators have become exceptionally good, reliable radiators. They are no longer the budget radiators that could not be trusted. They are now used by professionals and DIYers alike.

What is the difference between Type 11 and Type 21 radiator?

Type 21 Radiator Similar to a type 11 radiator, the type 21 has a single set of fins, but this time they’re encased between two panels – one at the front and one at the back. This gives a higher heat output than the type 21, but increases the depth of the radiator.

Do double radiators give more heat than single?

The addition of ‘fins’ inside a double panel radiator – the metal sheets that zigzag between the panels on standard radiators – help to increase the surface area still further, meaning double panel radiators emit more than double the amount of heat of a single panel radiator.

Are Type 11 radiators any good?

Single panel convector radiators (also known as Type 11) are ideal when you need a highly efficient and effective radiator to heat your room, but you don’t want one that takes up too much space.

Should I get Type 21 or Type 22 radiator?

These radiators are able to emit more heat than the others and are also chunkier, with a greater projection from the wall. If you have a large room that needs to be well-heated, then the Type 22 is probably going to be the most suitable.

Which is better radiator Type 21 or 22?

Type 22 radiators are thicker than Type 21. The reason for this is that they have two sets of convector fins, thus taking up an inch or so more in diameter. This makes them better suited to larger spaces that need more power to be heated.

What is the difference between B&Q and Screwfix kudox radiators?

Radiators are a similar price but Screwfix describe the range as “Kudox Premium” with a 15 year manufactures guarantee, B&Q don’t describe theirs as premium and mention a 1 year guarantee.

What are BTUs used for in radiators?

BTUs are ‘British Thermal Units’, the unit in which radiator efficiency is measured. Factors such as room dimensions, windows and wall type are used to calculate the required outputs of radiators, in order to adequately heat a room. How do I calculate the BTUs for my room?

How accurate is the BTU Calculator?

Our BTU Calculator is an accurate guide as to what level of BTU and Watt output will efficiently heat your room. Please note: the calculated figure is for the combined heat output of all radiators and/or towel rails in your room (larger rooms may require more than one).

Why don’t we fit kudox?

Within reason, a rad is a rad, and the differences – whilst they matter to the lads who are doing this all day long – would largely be lost on a single job. Kane, I don’t think you’re getting the point. We don’t fit kudox, because they’re rubbish, and to us, they’re expensive.