Is east facing T-Point house good?

Is east facing T-Point house good?

According to Vastu that house which is facing East, North, and Northeast direction and has T-junction is only said to be auspicious as it will bring wealth, fame and name to the owner of the house, that other directions are not considered as auspicious.

What is Vastu T-point?

T-Point from the northeast of the north- The road approaches from the northeast of the north are highly auspicious in Vastu Shastra. It is believed to give immense prosperity and financial profit to the owner. Such types of plots have a high demand for investors.

What is T-Point house?

T-point house are generally considered inauspicious as per Vastu Shastra and they are called Vedhi Shool in Vastu. A road that runs to the face of a plot is known as T-point and precisely Vedhi refers to the road and shool means spear, thus the meaning comes out to be spearing road.

Is east facing house good as per Vastu?

According to Vastu Shastra guidelines, east-facing properties are believed to be good for buildings and multi-storey apartments. However, for independent houses and bungalows, this direction is not counted amongst the best choices.

What is T junction plot?

Energy flow at T junction hits the home with a killing harmful energy. Such a plot or home can be problematic and ignoring the situation could harm the fate of the occupant. A defective Vastu internal plan along with a T junction location multiplies the negative effect on the house.

Which corner plot is best?

The north-east corner is considered the luckiest corner according to Vastu Shastra for buying land. If the plot has a cut on this side, they believe it inauspicious for any purpose. The owner might not see any progress in life.

What are the benefits of east facing house?

1) East direction signifies light and energy A house plan with the main entrance door facing the east direction is considered to be very lucky. As the sun rises in the east, it brings in the first ray of sunlight into the house thereby, enlightening the house with positive energy.

Is T-junction house good?

For example, if the traffic leading to the intersection is light or if the road leading to the intersection is short, this location is considered less vulnerable since the energy pointed at your home is weaker. But in general, it’s best to avoid buying a house located at a T-junction.