How to get current date month and year in c#?

How to get current date month and year in c#?

Use the DateTime. Now property. This returns a DateTime object that contains a Year and Month property (both are integers).

How to get year from a date in c#?

DateTime dateTime = DateTime. ParseExact(dateString, “dd/MM/yyyy”, provider); Console. WriteLine(dateTime);

How to split month and year in c#?

Split String Into Array In C# (Day, Month and Year)

  1. string[] arrDate = strDate. Split(‘/’);
  2. string day = arrDate[0]. ToString();
  3. string month = arrDate[1]. ToString();
  4. string year = arrDate[2]. ToString();

How do I get just the date from date field?

In MySQL, use the DATE() function to retrieve the date from a datetime or timestamp value. This function takes only one argument – either an expression which returns a date/datetime/ timestamp value or the name of a timestamp/datetime column.

How do you declare a class in C#?

Declaring Classes The name of the class follows the class keyword. The name of the class must be a valid C# identifier name. The remainder of the definition is the class body, where the behavior and data are defined. Fields, properties, methods, and events on a class are collectively referred to as class members.

How do I print the current month in Python?

import datetime; today = str(datetime. date. today()); curr_year = int(today[:4]); curr_month = int(today[5:7]); This will get you the current month and year in integer format.

What is DateTime now in C#?

Now. This useful C# property returns the current time and day. The struct DateTime. Now returns can be stored as a field or property in a class.

How do you find the MONTH from a date?

Get month from date

  1. Generic formula. =MONTH(date)
  2. If you need to extract the month from a date, you can use the MONTH function. In the generic form of the formula above, the date must be in a form that Excel recognizes as a valid date.
  3. The MONTH function takes just one argument, the date from which to extract the month.

What is void in C#?

void is a keyword, it is a reference type of data type and used to specify the return type of a method in C#. It is an alias of System. Void. Syntax: public void function_name([parameters]) { //body of the function } Note: void cannot be used as a parameter if there is no parameter in a C# method.