How much is M6toll UK?

How much is M6toll UK?

Toll rates effective (from 00:00hrs) 16 February 2022 (all prices inclusive of VAT)

Weekday Off-Peak Morning 5am-7am Evening 7pm-11pm £6.90
Night (11pm-5am) £4.60
Weekend Day5am-11pm £6.50
Night (11pm-5am) £4.60

Where on the M6 is the toll charge?

How to pay the M6 Toll. M6 Toll local junction plazas provide limited opportunities to leave the M6 Toll. They are situated at junction T3/Langley Mill for Sutton Coldfield and the A38, T4/Weeford Junction for Tamworth, the A38 and A5, T5 for Shenstone and Lichfield, and T6/Burntwood for Cannock and the A5.

Where does M6toll start and finish?

The M6toll runs for 27 miles, from the M6 (Junction 3a)/ the M42 (Junction 9) and through the Midlands, re-joining the M6 at Junction 11a (near Cannock).

Does the M6 have a toll?

The M6 Toll is the only major toll road in Great Britain, and has two payment plazas, Great Wyrley Toll Plaza for northbound and Weeford Toll Plaza for southbound. The northbound toll plaza is situated between junctions T6 and T7, and the southbound between junctions T4 and T3.

Are there services on the M6 toll?

Our service station at Norton Canes is operated by Roadchef, and can be accessed from both northbound and southbound carriageways between T6 and T7. In 2018 and 2019, it scooped the award for ‘the Best Service Station in the UK’, voted by UK motorists in an independent survey.

Is M6 free?

Is the road free to use at night? Again, the M6 Toll road is not free to use at night. However, there are reduced fees for evening and night-time use of the paid section. See the table below for details of price bands by time of use.

Are there services on M6toll?

How much time does the M6 toll save you?

approximately 45 minutes
The operator claims the M6 Toll saves motorists approximately 45 minutes on an average journey time by avoiding the heavily congested section of the M6 north of Birmingham.

How much does the M6 toll make a year?

£90 million a year
A major Midlands motorway rakes in a staggering £90 million a year and is the second grossing toll in the country, an eye-opening report has revealed.

Is the M6 toll free for blue badge holders?

M6 Motorway (Birmingham Toll) You are able to get an exemption for using the M6 toll if you are a Blue Badge holder and you are in receipt of one of the following. Higher rate mobility component of Disability Living Allowance (DLA). Enhanced rate mobility component of Personal Independence Payment (PIP).