How much does redex cost?

How much does redex cost?

Our petrol and diesel fuel system cleaners are supplied in 90ml, 250ml and 500ml sizes. The smaller, 90ml bottle provides one shot or dose of fuel additive, the 250ml version contains two doses and the 500ml provides 4 shots.

Is redex good for your engine?

Redex is known to be good for maintaining your engine and removing deposits from fuel injectors. Fuel economy can be reduced by the deposits which build up on your fuel injectors during combustion, Redex System Cleaner eradicates this deposit build-up.

What happens if you use too much redex?

What happens if I use more than the recommended dose? Adding too much Redex won’t cause any damage to your car or interrupt the combustion cycle. Plus, it’s hard to use more than the recommended dose because of how the bottle is designed, with clear marks indicating a single dose.

Can redex cause problems?

No, Redex products are perfectly safe and will not cause any damage or impairment to your car. Redex products are specially formulated to provide a reliable engine-cleaning solution that will remove harmful deposits from your fuel system without causing damage.

How often should you put Redex in my car?

How often should I use Redex DPF Cleaner? We recommend that you use Redex DPF Cleaner in every second or third tank of fuel, particularly if you drive short journeys or do a lot of stop/start driving in a city.

How do I cancel REDX?

REDX reserves the right to terminate service for any Subscriber at any time at its sole discretion. Subscriber may terminate their Subscriptions at any time by calling 800-731-7339 and talking to a Customer Support rep or mailing in a written cancellation request to the REDX Corporate Office.

How often should you use Redex?

Does Redex go out of date?

It does say on the label ‘Safe for catalytic converters’. I e-mailed Redex and they said shelf life is 3 years after manufacture.

Will redex clean my fuel filter?

Does Redex Clean Fuel Filter? Adding Redex DPF Cleaner to the fuel tank will prevent blockages in the filter if your diesel car has a DPF filter. If you drive a lot of slowly in town, you may want to add Redex DPF Cleaner to the fuel tank.

Does redex make your car smoke?

RMS Regular Its the Redex alright. It’ll cause ALOT of whitish smoke for a while, but it’ll soon disappear!

Can you cancel REDX anytime?

Which is better REDX or Vulcan7?

While Vulcan7 is often said to provide more up-to-date contact information than REDX, it lacks a multi-line dialer and is about twice the cost of REDX. Vulcan 7 is $299 per month for the dialer and expired leads, and $329 per month for the dialer, expireds, and FSBO leads.