How much does a piece of maple wood cost?

How much does a piece of maple wood cost?

Shipping Additional

< 10 100 – 499
5/4 Hard Maple (Sel & Btr, #1 & 2 White, S2S to 1-3/16) $8.50 $6.40
8/4 Hard Maple (1 Com, #1 & 2 White, Rough) $5.50 $4.15
8/4 Hard Maple (Sel & Btr, #1 & 2 White, S2S) $9.00 $6.75

Is maple good for lumber?

As you may have guessed by now, maple wood is strong! In fact, maple wood is second in hardness only to hickory wood. This makes it a natural choice for many, many different types of flooring. Maple is the second most popular choice for hardwood floors in the United States, just behind Oak.

How much does maple cost?

MPL Price Statistics

Maple Price $58.31
Price Change24h -$1.47 2.46%
24h Low / 24h High $57.73 / $62.38
Trading Volume24h $12,185,040.03 33.30%
Volume / Market Cap 0.0473

Why is maple wood so expensive?

Ash, Maple, and Cherry are more abundant as they grow larger but have highly sought after aesthetics in the grain which make them less expensive than Walnut but more expensive than some hardwoods. Birch is slightly cheaper than all of these because the natural tones in the wood grain are not as even.

Is maple wood more expensive than oak?

Maple is slightly less expensive than oak, with an average price of $7 to $11 per square foot for materials and installation. In some cases, you could pay $15 or more per square foot.

Is maple wood heavy?

It is harder to work with tools than the softer woods. The wood is heavy,2 strong, stiff, hard, has a high resistance to shock, and ranks high in nail-holding ability.