How much do Edmonton City Councillors make?

How much do Edmonton City Councillors make?

In 2020 Council made a motion to freeze their salaries for 2021 and 2022, therefore no annual adjustment will be applied for these years….Annual Salary.

Year City Councillor Mayor
2018 $113,325.78 $200,586.51
2017 $113,416.00 $200,747.00

How many Councillors does Edmonton ward have?

Councillors are elected one per ward, a division of the city, through the First Past the Post plurality voting system.

Who is running for Edmonton mayor 2021?

2021 Edmonton municipal election

Mayor and 12 councillors to Edmonton City Council
Turnout 37.6% ( 6.6 pp)
Candidate Amarjeet Sohi Mike Nickel Kim Krushell Popular vote 105,683 59,309 40,513 Percentage 45.05% 25.28% 17.27% Candidate Michael Oshry Cheryll Watson Popular vote 14,500 6,803 Percentage 6.18% 2.90%

How do you address a Councillor in Edmonton?

Addressing the Councillors

  1. When introducing: Councillor First Name Last Name.
  2. In correspondence: Councillor First Name Last Name.
  3. In conversation or at official occasions: Councillor Last Name.

What do Edmonton city managers make?

This amount certainly appears to be out of line considering that the Edmonton City Manager only gets paid $123,962 and tops out at $166,383.00 per year.

How much do town councillors get paid Alberta?

The following salaries set as per Policy 837 – Elected Officials Remuneration and Expenses. These rates were recommended in 2021 through a comprehensive compensation survey across comparable municipalities….Councillor Salaries.

Councillor Current Salary
Deputy Mayor $40,500
Councillors $34,800

How do the chief elected official and the Councillors work together?

Councillors work with the CAO to keep informed on what the municipality is doing and will depend on the administration to provide information so they can make sound decisions. A performance appraisal system for the CAO is a key building block for a lasting and positive relationship between council and the CAO.

Who is the current mayor of Edmonton?

Amarjeet SohiEdmonton / Mayor

Who is the new mayor of Stony Plain?

Mayor William Choy
A Message from Mayor William Choy Welcome to the Town of Stony Plain.

How much does an Alberta MLA make?

Alberta MLA Compensation Adjustments

Year MLA Indemnity Allowance Total
2016 (APRIL) (0%) 7 $127,296.00 $127,296.00
2015 (FEB) (-5%) 8 $127,296.00 $127,296.00
2015 (APRIL) (0%) 7 $127,296.00 $127,296.00
2014 (APRIL) (0%) 7 $134,000.00 $134,000.00