How many modules are in Unisa honours?

How many modules are in Unisa honours?

Honours degrees & postgraduate diplomas

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Honours & postgraduate diploma semester 2 modules registered in semester 1 4 January 2022
Honours & postgraduate diploma semester 2 modules registered in semester 2 20 June 2022
Honours & postgraduate diploma year modules 4 January 2022

What is honours in accounting?

This qualification typically follows a BCom degree, and serves to consolidate and deepen the student’s expertise in the accounting discipline (internal auditing or taxation), and to develop research capacity in the methodology and techniques.

What can I do with a BCompt?

Career path – BCompt A BCompt graduate is expected to progress towards becoming a professional accountant, a point from which he or she will gradually become a specialist in the various sub-fields like auditing, taxation, risk management, among others.

How do you pass honours?

How to get a first class honours degree

  1. Stay focused on getting a top grade.
  2. Develop your research skills.
  3. Use the library resources at university.
  4. Improve the presentation of your work.
  5. Ask tutors for help.
  6. Go to your university classes.
  7. Limit your time on social media.
  8. Pick topics that you’re passionate about.

How long is a honours degree?

The (Hons) bit stands for Honours. This generally means you study for 3 years, or 4 if the course is offered with an optional sandwich-placement year. You study 360 credits, including a major project or dissertation in your final year.

What is the difference between bachelor of accounting and BCom accounting?

Bachelor of Commerce is a 3-year degree in which students can major in a variety of courses from the Accounting and/or Commercial streams. Whilst Bachelor of Accounting Science (which is known as the CA route) is a 3-year fixed programme in which student’s study towards a Chartered Accountancy.

What is BCom Honours?

B.Com. Hons. is an industry-oriented degree programme that teaches students about business, accounting, marketing, and other related subjects. Candidates who want to work in corporate administration or the business field will greatly benefit from this course.

What is CTA in accounting?

What is CTA accounting? A CTA is a currency trade adjustment found on translated balance sheets, usually in the accumulated other comprehensive income section (OCI). This is the number of gains and losses that a company might experience from exchange rates over a specific period.