How many East Timorese were killed?

How many East Timorese were killed?

East Timor genocide
Date Occupation lasted from 1975 to 1999, though much of the killing occurred in the 1970s
Target Population of East Timor
Attack type Forced disappearance, Genocidal massacre
Deaths Estimates of the total number of war dead range from 100,000–300,000

What is East Timor known for?

(CNN) — Diving, whale-watching, trekking, biking, great scenery, stunning mountain driving and beautiful white-sand beaches. East Timor is one of the world’s unsung tourism destinations.

What is an interesting fact about East Timor?

Fun Facts about East Timor for Kids East Timor has 5,640 square miles. People here speak Tetum, Portuguese, Bahasa Indonesia and English. Most people are Roman Catholic. People in East Timor can expect to live 48 years.

What caused the East Timor genocide?

Routine sexual exploitation, deliberate starvation, and massacres led to the United Nations declaring a genocide had occurred. East Timorese continued to live under authoritative rule by the Indonesians for two decades until the UN became involved and orchestrated a vote for independence in 1999.

What happened during the East Timor crisis?

The 1999 East Timorese crisis began with attacks by pro-Indonesia militia groups on civilians, and expanded to general violence throughout the country, centred in the capital Dili. The violence intensified after a majority of eligible East Timorese voters chose independence from Indonesia.

What was East Timor called before?

The United States recognized Timor-Leste, then known as East Timor, on May 20, 2002, when it achieved formal independence. Before this time, the region had been a Portuguese colony up until 1975 and was under Indonesian sovereignty from 1976 to 1999.

Why does East Timor exist?

Imperial Japan occupied East Timor during World War II, but Portugal resumed colonial authority after the Japanese surrender. East Timor declared itself independent from Portugal in 1975, but was invaded by Indonesia. The country was later incorporated as a province of Indonesia.

What type of government does East Timor have?

RepublicParliamentary systemUnitary stateSemi-presidential system

What is East Timor conflict?

Why was East Timor important to Indonesia?

The central government and military feared that an East Timor governed by leftists could be used as a base for incursions by unfriendly powers into Indonesia, and also that an independent East Timor within the archipelago could inspire secessionist sentiments within Indonesian provinces.