How many chromosomes does Ophioglossum reticulatum have?

How many chromosomes does Ophioglossum reticulatum have?

1,440 chromosomes
number of chromosomes Ophioglossum reticulatum has 1,440 chromosomes, the highest number of any organism known to science. Among homosporous ferns, exceptions to the rule of high chromosome numbers are rare; in one species of filmy fern (Hymenophyllum peltatum), x = 11, the lowest number reported.

How many sets of chromosomes in Ophioglossum have?

The genus Ophioglossum has the highest chromosome counts of any known plant. The record holder is Ophioglossum reticulatum, with about 630 pairs of chromosomes (1260 chromosomes per cell). Other measurements have indicated a chromosome number up to 1440 (n = 720).

How many chromosomes does adder’s tongue have?

The adder’s tongue fern is generally believed to have the largest number of chromosomes with 1262 compared to human’s 46.

Why does adder’s tongue fern have so many chromosomes?

Therefore, one reason adder’s-tongue ferns have so many chromosomes may be that, because they as a group appeared so early in evolutionary history, they’ve been around long enough for the polyploid-making process to have occurred several times among them.

Why Ophioglossum is called tongue fern?

Scientific name: Ophioglossum vulgatum. The adder’s-tongue fern is so-named because the tall stalk that bears its spores is thought to resemble a snake’s tongue. An indicator of ancient meadows, it can be found mainly in southern England.

How many chromosomes do ferns have?

You might be surprised to learn that some species of ferns have over 1200 chromosomes. That’s over 26 times more chromosomes than humans’ measly 46!

How many chromosomes do plant cells have?

If the diploid chromosome number of a flowering plant is 24, then the somatic cells of the plant each contain 24 chromosomes (12 maternal and 12 paternal). Each of the three haploid nuclei in the germinated pollen grain must contain 12 chromosomes, and each of the 8 nuclei within the embryo sac contain 12 chromosmes.

How many chromosomes does a fern have?