How long does a Warrant of Fitness take NZ?

How long does a Warrant of Fitness take NZ?

between 25-35 minutes
How long will the WoF inspection take? The WoF inspection will take between 25-35 minutes. You can wait and have a free coffee or tea in our comfortable waiting area or you can drop your car off.

Is there a grace period for WoF?

The 28 days given after a failed WoF/CoF only relate to the payment of inspection fees and when a new inspection starts, see sections 3.6. 6 and 3.9. The 28 days do NOT allow a person to continue using the vehicle for a purpose other than for bringing the vehicle into compliance.

How much is a WoF Auckland?

$50 to $75
​Generally, the biggest surprise with getting a WOF isn’t the upfront fee (a WOF is generally cheap; $50 to $75 is standard).

How much does a WoF inspection cost?

between $50-$70
There is no set price for a WoF, so it’s up to your inspector how much they charge. But, you can expect to pay somewhere between $50-$70.

How long does a Warrant of Fitness last?

12 months
A Warrant of Fitness(WOF) is valid for 12 months in New Zealand. When your WoF expires, you have 28 days to get your vehicle inspected and brought back to compliance requirements. During this time window, you cannot drive your vehicle freely on the road, except for taking it to the authorised service centre for WoF.

How long can WoF be expired?

Expiry date of the WoF

Vehicle Date of first registration anywhere or vehicle age WoF expiry
Heavy motor vehicle (CoF exempt) (other than an agricultural motor vehicle) Six years or older from date of first registration anywhere 6 months from reference date
Agricultural motor vehicle Any age 12 months from reference date

Can I drive with expired WoF?

People shouldn’t have to worry about getting fined for having a recently expired WOF if driving to access essential services or as an essential worker. “It’s still the driver’s responsibility to keep their vehicle roadworthy and I urge everyone to regularly check their vehicle is safe.

Can I get a Rego without a warrant?

You must have a current WoF or CoF Your vehicle must have a current warrant of fitness (WoF) or certificate of fitness (CoF) before you can get a licence or use the vehicle on the road, unless your vehicle is exempt from continuous vehicle licensing or doesn’t require a WoF or CoF for road use (mopeds etc).

What happens if you fail a Warrant of Fitness?

Once a car fails a Warrant of Fitness inspection (WOF), this legally makes the car unfit to operate. In a nutshell, this means that you cannot drive it unless you are taking it to get repairs. However, the good news is that you do not have to pay for the WOF recheck.

Can I get WoF before it expires?

A WoF can be post-dated up to two weeks before it is due to expire. This will automatically happen when the vehicle has passed its inspection and details are entered into the NZTA data base.

Can you get a WoF without a Rego?

The Rego means your vehicle is legal to be on the road. The WOF means that, at date of issue, the vehicle has satisfied a list of over 60 factors which make it safe to be on the road. You can’t renew your Rego without having a current WOF.

What does a Warrant of Fitness show?

A WoF test checks tyre condition, brake condition, structural condition, lights, glazing, windscreen wipers and washers, doors, seat belts, airbags (if fitted), speedometer, steering and suspension, exhaust, and fuel system. A vehicle must meet certain criteria in each category to pass the Warrant of Fitness.