How do you unlock cars in Twisted Metal?

How do you unlock cars in Twisted Metal?

Shoot the crates to blast open a ramp to the health, and then shoot at the ship’s hull just above where the crates are stacked against it. A panel will open, and you can drive into a room inside the ship where Manslaughter is located. As per usual, destroy the control panel to unlock the new car.

How do you unlock Warthog in Twisted Metal?

Warthog is unlocked by attaining a gold medal in every event in the Story Mode on the Twisted difficulty (the hardest difficulty). This unlocks the vehicle for use in both single player and multiplayer.

How do you unlock Axel in Twisted Metal ps3?

Axel is a playable Vehicle in Twisted Metal and is available as an unlockable character. Those who pre-order the game at any retailer get a code to unlock Axel 30 days early while those who do not pre-order will, presumably, have to wait to play Axel.

How do you unlock Manslaughter?

How to Unlock: In Story mode, proceed to Stage 5 (Prison Passage) and wait until the ship arrives at Blackfield Asylum. Killing all the opponents on the ship first will help.

How do you unlock Mr slam in twisted metal head on?

Successfully complete the L.A. mini-game in story mode to unlock Mr. Slam. Successfully complete the game in story mode with any five characters to unlock Tower Tooth in the Rome Deathmatch level.

Is Sweet Tooth evil?

Sweet Tooth prides himself on being the greatest serial killer in history, willing to do anything to keep his title. He is also a very sadistic character and his mask suppresses his Marcus Kane personality.

Why is Sweet Tooth’s head on fire?

Unfortunately, this allowed Needles to subdue or destroy Marcus’ personality, effectively bringing the man’s repressed madness and sadism to the forefront. To celebrate his new freedom, the newly-named Sweet Tooth donned the clown mask (somehow setting his head ablaze in the process) and decided to murder “his” family.