How do you ship collectible stamps?

How do you ship collectible stamps?

For stamps, use a poster board thickness stiffener around the stamps that you have already put into a clean approval card, which you’ve put into a plastic cover or self-sealing plastic bag. You can put tape on the outside of the stiffener, to tighten the package and keep the stamps in place during shipping.

Is stamp collecting still valuable?

Nearly all unused U.S. stamps issued after 1930 are worth face value. While 1930 is nearly 100 years ago, stamps issued after this date are considered to be modern in the stamp collecting and stamp dealing community. There was a giant boom in postage production after this period of time.

Can I use collector stamps to mail a package?

“A stamp collector may mail matter bearing precanceled postage if the collector has a permit to use precanceled postage at the Post Office where the mail is presented.” The required permit, PS Form 3615, Mailing Permit Application and Customer Profile, can be obtained and filed at no charge (DMM 604.3.

How do I sell rare stamps?

If you know you have rare stamps, you can sell them through several means:

  1. Local Dealer: Dealers handle both collections and individual stamps.
  2. Mail Order Dealer: If you’re not going local, consider working with a mail order dealer.
  3. American Philatelic Society Circuit Sales:
  4. Auction House:

Can I sell stamps on eBay?

Counterfeit stamps can’t be sold on eBay, while collectible and replica stamps must follow our policy. We want our members to buy with confidence, so we’ve created a set of guidelines for selling stamps.

How do I store my stamp collection?

Choose Dry Storage for Your Stamp Collection

  1. Store your stamps high up if you’re storing them in a closet.
  2. Store stamps in an area of your home that’s very dry but not too hot.
  3. Don’t store stamps at the bottom of a box with anything even remotely damp on top of them.