How do you beat ME2 on insanity?

How do you beat ME2 on insanity?

General Tips

  1. Stay behind cover.
  2. Don’t be stingy with Medi-gel.
  3. Spend a lot of time scanning for Resources.
  4. Make damage and Medi-gel upgrades a priority.
  5. Buy and unlock as many upgrades as possible.
  6. Use the Power Wheel to pause combat and look around.
  7. Quicksave constantly.

What happens if you don’t do grunts loyalty mission?

Grunt appears during Attican Traverse: Krogan Team provided he survived the suicide mission. At the end of that mission, if you choose to spare the Rachni Queen, Grunt will die if this mission was not completed.

Who should I bring for grunt loyalty mission?

For the most unique dialogue during this Mission, bring Garrus with you. If this is your first time visiting Tuchanka, then as you go down the ramp from the Landing Platform you’ll be intercepted by an Overcaptain, who says you should see the Clan Leader and give Grunt “The Rite” or put him down.

Should you open the krogan tank?

To put things simply, never opening Grunt’s tank is very much like leaving him to die at the end of Mass Effect 2, and the results are primarily seen during a side mission in Mass Effect 3.

What is the best bonus power in Mass Effect 2?

Mass Effect 2: Every Bonus Power, Ranked

  1. 1 Reave. Deciding not to betray Samara during her loyalty mission will reward you with Reave.
  2. 2 Barrier.
  3. 3 Armor-Piercing Ammo.
  4. 4 Geth Shield Boost.
  5. 5 Flashbang Grenade.
  6. 6 Warp Ammo.
  7. 7 Energy Drain.
  8. 8 Slam.

What happens if you never open grunt?

If you don’t release him then you won’t be able to have him on your squad and do his loyalty mission. Thats it, no new scenes or dialogue that i’m aware of. As for importing into ME3, he treated as if he was dead and is never mentioned. … He also makes a cameo appearance as a enemy in ME3 if not activated.

What happens if you never activate Legion?

If Shepard decided to sell Legion to Cerberus, it will appear as an enemy during the attack on Cronos Station, but will behave no differently than a Nemesis. If Legion did not survive Shepard’s attack on the Collector base, was sold to Cerberus, or was never activated, a Geth VI is constructed in Legion’s likeness.

Should I rewrite or destroy the heretics?

Rewriting the heretics makes the Geth stronger, causing more problems to quarians (and more casualties), and destroying them makes the quarian’s war easier (and less of them die).

What is the difference between normal and insanity in Mass Effect?

Unlike the original Mass Effect, Insanity can be selected from the start. The differences between Normal and Insanity are drastic, however the guide will be able to compensate for both. Differences include increased shielding for all the enemies, a lower damage threshold for Shepard, more aggressive enemies and limited ammunition.

Is Me2 insanity frustrating to play?

I found certain parts of ME2 insanity frustrating, mainly the collectors. Scions and Praetorians have always been the death of me. But I played a vanguard my first insanity run. Depends on class you are playing. Infiltrator and Soldier has low learning curve whereas vanguard has highest (I played on insanity as vanguard anyways.)

Should I do a level 30 insanity run?

If you do a level 30 import than the early game can be rougher than a normal insanity run thanks to level scaling enemies, but nothing that’s impossible. To me, the enemies just felt a bit like damage soaks and took a little more time. 2 – Yes, you should.

Why do you like Mass Effect 2?

The second game also introduces some of the best characters of the Mass Effect universe (Jack, Mordin and Kasumi to name a few) and even better is that I don’t have to suffer Kaiden’s irritating derpyness (because in my story, he went boom on Virmire).