How do you activate the Juhani side quest?

How do you activate the Juhani side quest?

Juhani can join your party if she was redeemed rather than slain during the third of your Jedi Trials on Dantooine: once you’ve completed those trials, investigated the Ruins and then reported back to the Jedi Council again to initiate the Quest for the Star Forge, she can be found aboard the Ebon Hawk.

How do you complete the Juhani quest?

Fortunately it’s optional, so as long as you completed all personal dialogs you should be able to complete Juhani’s quest by speaking to her after the encounter on the Temple Summit in the Star Forge System, before traveling to the Star Forge.

Should I give Griff money?

Nothing good comes from giving him a single cent so don’t do it! Anyways leave the building and re-enter and Garm will talk to you saying that Griff has left. You won’t gain any XP or LSP or DSP from this.

Who is Juhani in Knights of the Old Republic?

―David Gaider, co-developer of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, on how Juhani impacted his writing [src] Juhani first appeared in the 2003 video game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and was voiced by Courtenay Taylor.

How did Juhani become a Jedi?

Juhani was eventually freed from her servitude by the Jedi Knight Revan and his Revanchists, one of whom encouraged her to become a Jedi. She then made her way to the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine and was accepted for Jedi training by the Jedi Master Quatra .

Was Juhani a Cathar?

She was a female Cathar of a subspecies that had less prominent claws than other Cathar. Juhani’s devotion to becoming the ideal Jedi did not allow her to accept failure in herself or her peers, yet she always found herself struggling against her Cathar instincts and fierce temper.

Who is Juhani to Revan?

―Juhani, to Revan. Juhani was a Cathar female and a Knight in the Jedi Order during the Jedi Civil War. Juhani grew up on the planet Taris after her family escaped the assault on their homeworld during the Mandalorian Wars.