Mixed Does Chiang Mai have nightlife?

Does Chiang Mai have nightlife?

Does Chiang Mai have nightlife?

Chiang Mai nightlife can be whatever you want it to be, the city offers a broad scope of drinking and dancing options but for the most part live music venues have the monopoly.

Can restaurants in Chiang Mai serve alcohol?

While nightlife and entertainment venues still officially remain shuttered, restaurants are now being allowed to serve alcohol in Cha-am, Hua Hin, and 5 key districts in Chiang Mai.

Where can I find girls in Chiang Mai?

The night market will often have live music and things going on. It can be a great place to meet her and can make for an enjoyable and cheap date night in Chiang Mai….Some cool outdoor parks and places to visit would be:

  • Royal Park Rajapruek.
  • Buak Hard Public Park.
  • Elephant Rescue Park.
  • Mae Sa Waterfall.
  • Doi Inthanon.

Are things open in Chiang Mai?

Restrictions are easing across Thailand, especially in Chiang Mai. The northern province is now fully open to international tourism and can welcome travellers entering under the Test & Go and Sandbox schemes. Restaurants in Chiang Mai can also serve alcohol until 11pm.

What part of Chiang Mai should I stay in?

The most popular and best area to stay in Chiang Mai is definitely the Old City and around it. The Old Town is easily spottable because it’s an (almost) perfect square, surrounded by a beautiful moat.

Is alcohol legal in Thailand?

Drinking area – Thailand is a highly religious country that is intolerant of profane activities. Drinking alcohol is illegal in places including temples, worship sites, pharmacies, gas stations, public offices, public parks and schools. Lawbreakers will face imprisonment of six months and or a fine of over 10,000 Baht.

Is alcohol banned in Thailand today?

Bangkok eases alcohol restrictions, large events and shopping centres allowed to serve booze. Bangkok is loosening its rules on alcohol sales. Starting today, shopping centres and event venues can serve alcoholic beverages until 11pm, according to a document signed yesterday by Bangkok governor Aswin Kwanmuang.

Are the Lady Boys of Bangkok all men?

Today, the show has a cast of 16 Lady Boys, all male Thai nationals. Each tour starts at the end of February/beginning of March and travels through until the end of November when they returns to Bangkok.