Did Tamwar go to Oxford?

Did Tamwar go to Oxford?

Tamwar’s secrecy concerns his mother, and she concludes that he is gay, but it transpires that Tamwar is hiding his new hobby as a stand up comic. He shocks his mother by announcing that he wants to pursue comedy as a career, but later retracts and agrees to apply to Oxford.

Who did Tamwar marry in EastEnders?

Tamwar Masood (Himsh Patel) receives another mention in EastEnders tonight. The popular character has not been on screen since 2016, but his wife Nancy Carter (Maddy Hill) returned to Walford earlier this year.

How did Tamwar get his scars?

Believing Masood is trapped, Yusef gloats to Zainab and threatens her so she lies that Afia is also inside. He and Tamwar go into the burning building to save Afia; Yusef perishes in the fire, and Tamwar is left scarred by burns.

Is Tamwar coming back to EastEnders?

Tamwar won’t be back in Walford any time soon Former EastEnders star Himesh Patel has ruled out a return to the soap. The actor played Tamwar Masood in the BBC soap before quitting in 2016 when the market inspector left the Square with girlfriend Nancy Carter.

Who is the Indian man in EastEnders?

Masood Ahmed is a fictional character from the BBC soap opera EastEnders, played by Nitin Ganatra.

Who were the Masood family in EastEnders?

Family tree

  • Syed Masood is the son of Masood and Zainab. He married Amira Shah (2010-2012; now divorced) and he is the civil partner of Christian Clarke (2012-)
  • Shabnam Masood is the daughter of Masood and Zainab. Roya Masood is the daughter of Shabnam and Dean Wicks.
  • Tamwar Masood is the son of Masood and Zainab.

Who is Nancy Carter married to?

Tamwar Masood
Listen to this article As a member of the Carter family, Nancy is the daughter of Mick Carter (Danny Dyer) and Linda Carter (Kellie Bright). Played by Maddy Hill, Nancy was seen coping with the aftermath of her mother’s rape, suffering from epilepsy and getting married to Tamwar Masood (Himesh Patel).

Is it a new Nancy in EastEnders 2021?

It was announced that Maddy Hill would be leaving the show, with Nancy departing alongside Tamwar Masood (Himesh Patel) on 22 April 2016. Hill reprised her role after 5 years and returned on 13 April 2021.

Are Tamwar and Nancy married?

When did Tamwar and Nancy get married? It was revealed back in 2019 that Tamwar and Nancy were married. The pair got married in Australia, and Tamwar phoned Nancy’s dad, Mick Carter, to share the big news. Mick was overjoyed with the news and gave everyone at the Queen Vic a free drink.