Can you use OpenOffice on Android tablet?

Can you use OpenOffice on Android tablet?

Re: OpenOffice for tablets You can easily run open office on any device by downloading the supported application for your device OS.

Will OpenOffice work on a tablet?

Apache OpenOffice is not available for Android Tablet but there are plenty of alternatives with similar functionality. The best Android Tablet alternative is ONLYOFFICE, which is both free and Open Source.

How do I OpenOffice files on Android?

Using WPS Office for Android to Open Doc/Docx Files

  1. Launch the WPS android app.
  2. Tap on Open at the top of the app.
  3. Select any number of file categories (tap on Doc for the purposes of this article) and choose the file from your device’s storage.
  4. Once open, click the Tools option at the bottom to make edits.

Can I download OpenOffice on my Chromebook?

There is no way to run Open Office on a Chromebook? If so, it seems strange that the work hasn’t been done to develop compatibility. Last I heard Chromebook was outselling all other techs. Although this may be to large volumes being sold to schools.

Is there an OpenOffice app for IPAD?

The AO Office is the world’s first porting of OpenOffice for iOS and it’s powerful and complete office suite for OpenDocument. You can view, edit, insert and export office documents using full features of the OpenOffice.

How do I download LibreOffice to my phone?


  1. Navigate to the URL above in the browser on your Android device.
  2. Click the link, and download the APK to your Downloads/ directory.
  3. Find the download in your Download history, or via a file browser, and click to install.
  4. Click through the install screens to install the LibreOffice Viewer.

Is there an Apache OpenOffice for Android?

AndrOpen Office (Android port of Apache OpenOffice) AndrOpen Office is the world’s first port of OpenOffice for Android, It is made available on Google Play by the AndrOpen Office team and it requires Android 4.0.

Can Android use Microsoft Office?

Get started with the Office app Anyone can now download the Office app on phones for Android and iOS. The app is free to use, even without signing in. However, signing in with a Microsoft Account or connecting to a third-party storage service will enable you to access and store documents in the cloud.

How do I install Microsoft Office for free on my Chromebook?

Via Microsoft Office Android Apps

  1. Open the Google Play Store.
  2. Click in the search bar and type the name of the Office program you need.
  3. Select the program.
  4. Click install.
  5. After the download is complete, open the app in the Chrome launcher.
  6. Log in to your existing Microsoft Account.

Is OpenOffice free on iPad?

You can actually get Office for free on the iPad.