Can Lee Jong Suk sing?

Can Lee Jong Suk sing?

Currently serving in the military, Lee Jong Suk made his singing debut with the OST for While you were Sleeping.

Does Lee Min Ho still sing?

Aside from acting, Lee Min Ho has a career in singing too, and he already released some tracks in the past.

Is Lee Min Ho a singer too?

Lee Min-ho (Korean: 이민호; Hanja: 李敏鎬, born June 22, 1987) is a South Korean actor, singer, model, creative director and businessman….

Lee Min-ho
Occupation Actor singer model
Years active 2003–present
Agent MYM Entertainment
Height 187 cm (6 ft 11⁄2 in)

Who is the youngest actor in Korea?

Nam Da-reum is the youngest in this list but he has the most number of projects because he started out as a child actor. He’s been playing young versions of Korean actors in various K-dramas since 2009.