Are NASA sounds free to use?

Are NASA sounds free to use?

These include rocket engine sounds, solar system radio waves, space shuttle mission sounds and more. These sounds are free to use as you wish but not all of NASA’s content is under the same license. Be sure to read the full terms of use on NASA’s site.

Can you use NASA sounds in music?

NASA has made a huge collection of audio recordings available under a Creative Commons licence and they are perfect for using in music tech projects with students. The recordings are from historic space flights and from current missions.

Are NASA sounds public domain?

A cosmic collection of sounds from space exploration is now available in the public domain. NASA has launched a sound library starting with over 60 samples of mission control, rockets firing, Sputnik beeping along in orbit, and the eerie harmonies of the universe.

How can I listen to NASA?

Reports. HOUSTON – Conversations between astronauts aboard the International Space Station and flight controllers on the ground now are available for the public to hear live, 24 hours a day, seven days a week on NASA’s Web site, .

Is Apollo 11 footage public domain?

Therefore, the footage and audio captured during Apollo 11, or during any of NASA’s missions by NASA itself should, in theory, be released into the public domain. This also includes NASA-funded research.

Is it legal to use the NASA logo?

The NASA Seal is not permitted on merchandise and is only permitted to be used by the NASA Administrator or Administrator’s office. The names, logos, devices or graphics of NASA programs may be used on merchandise subject to review and approval by NASA, and subject to the prohibitions on co-branding noted above.

Can I sell NASA shirts?

To be exact, NASA, as a U.S. government agency, cannot and “will not promote or endorse or appear to promote or endorse a commercial product, service or activity.” This means that in order for NASA to approve any proposed commercial use of its name, logo, imagery, etc., that use must be exclusively decorative in nature …