Why was Tomlin mad at Claypool?

Why was Tomlin mad at Claypool?

In the first quarter of the Pittsburgh Steelers Thursday night loss to the Minnesota Vikings, head coach Mike Tomlin was forced to bench wide receiver Chase Claypool. Tomlin did it because Claypool drew a ridiculous personal foul as he continues to be the most penalized wide receiver in the NFL.

What did Tomlin say to Claypool?

He told reporters, “I did.” When asked if Claypool received the message, Tomlin said “We’ll see.” Judging by Claypool’s actions on the final drive of the game, the message was not received. He was caught celebrating a first down instead of running the football back to the line so his team can spike it.

What did Claypool do to get benched?

Claypool struck his finger in the mask of Minnesota Vikings cornerback Bashaud Breeland, forcing Tomlin to bench one of his top wideouts as a result.

Why did Chase Claypool get cut?

A 15-yard penalty early in the game and a missed block that resulted in a third-down stop for the Vikings were among Claypool’s other costly mistakes. He also had a fumble, although it was overturned on replay to allow the Steelers to maintain possession. As a result, Tomlin benched Claypool for part of the game.

What did Chase Claypool say after the game?

The player at the center of the fiasco was wide receiver Chase Claypool. After the game, Claypool spoke to the media and in a not-so-subtle manner opted to throw teammate Trai Turner under the bus for the mistake. “I got tackled near the hash,” Claypool said. “Did my little first down point.

Who did Mike Tomlin?

Mike Tomlin

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Born: March 15, 1972 Hampton, Virginia

What did Claypool do wrong?

Claypool’s antics forced an offensive lineman to attempt to get the ball from him, but it rolled away in the sequence, removing precious seconds off the clock. “I got tackled near the hash,” Claypool told reporters. “Did my little first down point. Went to hand the ball to the ref.

What did Claypool do in the game?

On Pittsburgh’s first series of the game, Claypool caught a six-yard pass and was tackled by Bashaud Breeland. As they made their way back to their respective huddles, Claypool stuck his finger in Breeland’s facemask and was flagged for unnecessary roughness.

How tall is Chase Claypool?

6′ 4″Chase Claypool / Height

What did Claypool do at the end of the game?

However, on the Steelers’ final drive, Roethlisberger connected with Chase Claypool on a nine-yard pass with :42 seconds remaining in the game. With no timeouts, instead of hurrying to the line of scrimmage to spike the ball, Claypool chose to celebrate his catch by giving an extended signal of a first down.

Did the Steelers lose Chase Claypool?

Steelers’ Chase Claypool: ‘I definitely do have to be better’ after lost seconds late in loss to Vikings. Pittsburgh Steelers receiver Chase Claypool cost his team crucial seconds at the end of Thursday night’s 36-28 road loss in Minnesota.

What team did Mike Tomlin play for?

Pittsburgh Steelers
Mike Tomlin

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