New Why is my Ventra Card suspended?

Why is my Ventra Card suspended?

Why is my Ventra Card suspended?

Riders who have negative balances may notice a “suspended” tag on their account. Add more money or contact Ventra customer service if the negative balance should not have occurred because there was money in the account or you have an active unlimited pass.

Why does my Ventra card say insufficient funds when I have money?

Click to Open Why does my card say insufficient funds? Your Ventra account has a negative balance. This typically happens when you use it on PACE or you tap it more than one time at the same station or on the same bus line with a 10-15 minute time period.

How do I reactivate my Ventra card?


  1. 1 Call 1.866.674.9215 from the phone number registered to your Ventra Account.
  2. 2 Enter your Ventra Card number*
  3. 3 Start using your Card for transit. *If you are calling from a number not registered to your Ventra Account, enter your access code to complete activation. Don’t have your access code?

Does Ventra card still work?

All current silver Ventra Cards have an expiration date printed on the front. Cards will function as normal until the end of the month printed on the front of the Card. Once a Card expires, it can no longer be used for transit and a new Card must be purchased.

Can you go negative on a Ventra Card?

RTA Chairman: Ventra an “Unacceptable and Systemic Failure” “The CTA does not lose any money when a customer boards trains or buses with a Ventra card that has a negative balance,” Chase said. “The CTA is paid fully and immediately for each trip taken. Cubic bears all risk for any customer with a negative balance.

Can I get money back from Ventra Card?

Registered account holders who are unable to deplete their Ventra Transit Account due to an unplanned move or relocation out of the State of Illinois may request a refund of remaining Transit Value on a registered Ventra card with a minimum balance of $10, which will be mailed to their new address.

What does Insufficient Fare mean?

Insufficient Fare means the amount of transit fare, exceeding Positive Value, owed to TransLink for a transit trip. Maximum Fare has the meaning assigned to this term in the Transit Tariff.

How do you use Ventas upass?

Using U-Pass

  1. Activate your card.
  2. Register your card.
  3. Take your card out of your wallet and tap it to the Ventra logo at the turn style to enter a CTA bus or train station.
  4. To avoid charges to other contactless cards you may have, remove your card out of your wallet.

Can you use Ventra card as debit?

Ventra Prepaid Debit* Regular Ventra Cards offer a prepaid debit option which, if activated, allows you to load money into a prepaid debit account and use your Ventra Card to make regular retail purchases anywhere MasterCard is accepted.

Can you go negative on a Ventra card?

Can you merge Ventra cards?

Hi Amber, you can combine the balance of two registered Ventra Cards by speaking with a member of our customer service team at 1.877. 669.8368.

How long does a Ventra card last?

You just get the card once and load and use it indefinitely. When your card is near expiration, if you registered, we’ll let you know and you’ll get a new one in the mail for free. Ventra Cards, if registered, protect your fare. If you lose a Transit Card with $20 on it, you’ll have lost the entire value.