Who sung the song We Are Family?

Who sung the song We Are Family?

Sister SledgeWe Are Family / ArtistSister Sledge is an American musical vocal group from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Formed in 1971, the group consisted of sisters Debbie, Joni, Kim, and Kathy Sledge. The siblings achieved international success at the height of the disco era. Wikipedia

Who wrote the song We Are Family?

Bernard Edwards
Nile Rodgers
We Are Family/Composers

What makes a family sing up?

Write your words (ingredients) down and make them into your own special recipe, which will be unique to your family. These might include: a cup of kindness, three teaspoons of affection, a pinch of humour, a tablespoon of sharing, a zest of patience, half a pound of respect, a dash of silliness, two ounces of love etc.

Who sang We Are Family in Coming 2 America?

And there could not be a Coming To America sequel without an appearance by Eddie Murphy’s character Randy Watson, also known as Sexual Chocolate; his special performance of “We Are Family” by Sister Sledge is a treat. But without further ago, these are all the songs you heard on the Coming 2 America soundtrack.

Are Sister Sledge real sisters?

We are family, get up everybody and sing…” In 1979, the R&B/pop group Sister Sledge, composed of sisters and Philadelphia natives Debbie, Joni, Kim and Kathy Sledge, struck pay dirt with the song “We are Family.” The mega dance tune was a No. 1 R&B hit in the United States.

When did Sister Sledge We Are Family come out?

1979We Are Family / Released

What make family a family?

A family is a group of people going through the world together. Families are often made of up adults and the children they care for. People have so many different ideas of family because there are so many different types of families.

How do you make a family song?

8 Ways to Create a Musical Family

  1. Sing Together. Throughout time, in different cultures around the world, singing has been a significant feature in the lives of families.
  2. Dance Together.
  3. Share a Lullaby Time.
  4. Have a Family Jam.
  5. Get out that Rusty Old Trumpet.
  6. Build up your Record Collection.

Why was the Song of the family heard?

The Song of Family symbolizes the balance of Kino’s life and how content he is. It is most prevalent in The Pearl near the beginning and the end of the book. In the beginning, Kino hears it when he first wakes up and later when he is determined to get the doctor.