Who should not Vishnu Sahasranamam?

Who should not Vishnu Sahasranamam?

It is not only Mukkur Swami but also so many Acharyas say that ladies should not recite “Sri Vishnu Sahasranaama”. Unfortunately, they have not provided the reason why.

Can we chant Vishnu Sahasranamam everyday?

Regular chanting of the Vishnu Sahasranama or even listening to it daily helps devotees in maintaining good health. Taking the name of the Lord regularly helps us remain grounded.

Why was Vishnu Sahasranamam written?

The sanctity and special significance of Vishnu sahasranamam is due to the following reasons. It was strung together by the great sage Vyasa and is the essence of Mahabharata. It was given as upadesa by Bhishma, who lived a life of sacrifice with his heart suffused in divine contemplation.

Which Sahasranamam is best?

The most well-known sahasranāmas are: Vishnu sahasranama, is a Vaishnavism stotra, and is found in section 13.135 (Anushasana Parva) of the Mahabharata, and all Puranas linked to Vaishnavism. Shiva sahasranama, is a Shaivism stotra, also found in 13.17 of the Mahabharata.

Can ladies say vishnu Sahasranamam?

Yes, Sure ladies can chant Vishnu Sahasranaam. There is no restriction to anyone for chanting vishnu sahasranaam.

How can I Byheart vishnu Sahasranamam?

Read whole Vishnu sahasranaama stotra everyday and if possible listen. Everyday morning Learn one sloka or even one line. On evening chant that one sloka 11 times without seeing book. By this you can learn whole vishnu sahasranaama within 3 months.

Who wrote Sahasranamam?

Sri Veda Vyasa
The Sri Vishnusahasranama was composed by Sri Veda Vyasa,the author of the Puranas,and we meet this great chant in his classical work the mahabharata.

Which sahasranama is most powerful?

When should we not chant Vishnu Sahasranamam?

To chant the names of the Lord through Vishnu Sahasranama, one need not do many things. One can chant the names of the Lord while doing any work or in any position ie even when getting up from the bed. Recommended not to chant though when using the restroom.

Where does Vishnu live?


Abode Vaikuntha, Kshira Sagara
Mantra Om Namo Narayanaya Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya Hari Om
Weapon Discus (Sudarshana Chakra), Mace (Kaumodaki), Conch (Panchajanya), Sharanga (Bow), Nandaka (Sword),
Symbols Shaligram, Dvaravati sila, Lotus