New Who owns Commonwealth Stadium?

Who owns Commonwealth Stadium?

Who owns Commonwealth Stadium?

City of Edmonton
It has a seating capacity of 56,302, making it the largest open-air stadium in Canada….Commonwealth Stadium.

Public transit Stadium station
Owner City of Edmonton
Capacity 42,500 (1978–1979) 43,346 (1980–1981) 59,912 (1982) 60,081 (1983–2007) 59,537 (2008–2012) 56,302 (2012–present)
Record attendance 66,835 (U2 360° Tour)

Can I bring a water bottle to the Elks game?

The following items are prohibited at Commonwealth Stadium: Weapons of any kind. Glass bottles, cans, containers with a capacity larger than 1 litre. Alcoholic beverages and outside food (exceptions may be made for medical reasons)

Is Commonwealth Stadium grass or turf?

Commonwealth Stadium has had Shaw Sports Turf Powerblade Elite 2.5S turf since 2016. Canada Soccer said it was tested July 19 and met the FIFA quality standard.

How old is Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton?

44Commonwealth Stadium / Age (c. 1978)

Can you smoke at Elks game?

Smoking areas are located outside of the stadium in designated areas. 7. How can I display a message on the scoreboard during the game?

Are blankets allowed at Commonwealth Stadium?

Fans will be able to bring blankets by tossing them over a shoulder or arm. They can be easily screened by security staff.

Is BMO field real grass?

BMO Field in November 2010, several months after it switched from FieldTurf to natural grass.

Why did Canada play in Edmonton?

Canada decided to play its two home games in Edmonton during this international window to take advantage of the frigid temperatures in Edmonton in November and the potential of drawing huge crowds at Commonwealth, which seats just over 56,000.

Who is Kroger field named after?

The playing surface is named C.M. Newton Grounds in honor of retired UK athletic director and former baseball and basketball player C.M. Newton. Built in 1973, it is the newest football stadium in the Southeastern Conference, as measured by date of original construction.