Who made drag racer v3?

Who made drag racer v3?

Phantom Games
The current iOS versions available on iTunes are Drag Racer Pro Tuner and Drag Racer Perfect Run….Drag Racer (video game)

Drag Racer
Developer(s) XMG Studio, Phantom Games
Publisher(s) XMG Studio, Phantom Games
Platform(s) Adobe Flash, iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad

Are wider tires better for drag racing?

They usually allow for a 2-3-inch tolerance. “Rim width is related to drag slick inflation pressure,” Bickel said. “The wider the rim, the more tire pressure you can run while maintaining the same footprint area. A higher inflation pressure can help prevent tire shake.

Is no traction control faster?

How Does Driving Without Traction Control Make You Faster? Traction control is designed to allow the car to accelerate in a slower, more controlled manner. The system limits the power output to the wheels to prevent them from spinning up. This lack of power to the wheels is what slows you down on the racetrack.

What is a fast 60 ft time?

Most street-tired cars have 60 foot times around 2 seconds. The 660 foot mark is the halfway point of a quarter-mile track.