Who is the drum major for The Ohio State University Marching Band?

Who is the drum major for The Ohio State University Marching Band?

Austin Bowman
Following a tryout at Ohio Stadium earlier in the month, The Ohio State University Marching Band has announced its two new drum majors for the 2021 season. Austin Bowman, a sophomore from Hebron, will be the 64th head drum major in program history.

Who is the 2021 drum major for Ohio State?

Austin Bowman, the Ohio State drum major who has led the Best Damn Band in the Land in 2021, was featured on FOX’s “Big Noon Kickoff Show” on Saturday. Bowman, who bounced back nicely following a stumble during the Oregon game, described the tradition of dotting the “i” at Ohio State.

How do you become a drum major at Ohio State?

Eligibility. An individual may be a member of D-Row for a maximum of two years. Once he or she has served for one marching band season, that person is then eligible to participate in drum major tryouts at any point during his or her tenure as a student at Ohio State.

What is the drum majors job in a marching band?

The drum major is the leader of the marching band during rehearsals and in performance. His/her job is to carry- out the instructions of the band director and other instructional staff regarding what needs to be done with the band.

Who is the drum major for Ohio State 2020?

In a first-of-its-kind virtual tryout process that spanned Friday through Sunday, The Ohio State University Marching Band selected its drum majors for the 2020 season. Brayden Deemer, an air transportation major from Howland, will be the 63rd drum major of the band.

Is it hard to be a drum major?

Being the drum major for a band can be a demanding and sometimes difficult task, but it’s a rewarding experience, and something that will look great on your resume!

Why is it called a drum major?

This requires timing skills on the field, so that the band starts and finishes on the correct yard lines. As the name implies, the drum major in reality, commands the drum section of the band – whistle commands are heard first, drums sounds ensue, and then music fills the air.

Are there saxophones in the Ohio State marching band?

The Ohio State Marching Band is historically all-brass, with saxophones never before having a place in the group.