Who is Norbert Losche?

Who is Norbert Lösche?

Norbert Lösche was born in 1951 near Aachen, Germany. After earning a degree in Art History, he became an artist/illustrator, providing the art work for books dealing with fantasy and spiritual themes. His own spiritual journey began with a study of Hinduism, entering in-depth studies of the Bhagavad Gita and the Ramcaritmanas.

What is cosmic tarot deck by Norbert Lösche?

The Cosmic Tarot deck by Norbert Lösche depicts symbols and icons gathered from several different eras-from ancient Egypt to modern Europe. Symbolism is used extensively and yet the deck is designed to remain accessible to even beginning readers.

Is losche a Buddhist?

In 1994 Lösche met the Tibetan masters Sogyal Rinpoche and Dzogchen Rinpoche in southern France and has since become a practicing Buddhist. He recent works include a series of Buddha images and mandalas. (I did not know until today that Losche created mandalas, a fact that means a lot to me because so do I.