Which type of saree is best for Maharashtrian wedding?

Which type of saree is best for Maharashtrian wedding?

7 Gorgeous Maharashtrian Traditional Sarees That Are Loved By All

  1. Paithani Saree. The Photowala.
  2. Uppada Silk. Jodi Clickers.
  3. Banarasi Silk Saree. WhatKnot Wedding Photographers.
  4. Kanjeevaram Silk Saree. Image Courtesy: Mandar Parab Photography.
  5. Kohlapuri Saree. Jodi Clickers.
  6. Kota Silk Saree. Weddingrams.
  7. Chanderi Silk.

Which colour is best for marriage saree?

So, the Saree Colors that looks Great on Every Bride are:

  • Graceful Green. Green is considered as a very auspicious color to wear on your wedding day in many religions.
  • Regal Gold.
  • Ravishing Red.
  • Elegant White.
  • Bright Yellow.
  • Vibrant Violet.
  • Precious Pink.
  • Outstanding Orange.

Which is the best colour for Nauvari saree?

Traditional red nauvari sarees that are BEAUTY! If there is one thing that is common to weddings in India, it has to be the rich, traditional red colour. From north to south and from east to west, red is one such colour that can be spotted at almost every wedding.

Which is famous saree of Maharashtra?

Maharashtra’s Paithini Saree Considered as one of the best handwoven silk sarees in Indias, paithani saree is named after the Paithan town in Aurangabad, Maharashtra. The elegant Paithini saree is famous for it’s slanting square border design and a pallu inspired by nature like trees, parrots and peacock.

Why do Maharashtrian brides wear yellow saree?

Traditionally, Maharashtrian brides wear outfits in yellow and green as they are a sign of happiness and prosperity.

What is the name of Marathi saree?

Nauvari saree
Marathi saree, also known as Nauvari saree, has a very rich heritage and the original thought behind the invention of this drape is the most liberating feeling ever. Nauvari saree got this name because of its length of nine yards.

How long is Maharashtrian saree?

Nauvari saree is from Maharashtra in India, it’s a traditional saree that actually is known for its Long Length of 9 yards (8.23 meters). A normal saree is 5.5 meters or 6 meters while a Nauvari saree is or more than 8 meters.

How many types of Maharashtrian sarees are there?

So, here’s the amassed list of the 12 distinctive Maharashtrian Marathi style saree, which every bride should know about before finalizing it.

What does a Maharashtrian bride wear?

The traditional outfit for the Maharashtrian bride is called the Paithani saree. It was originated in Paithan district of Maharashtra. The Paithani saree can either be woven in Kanjeevaram silk or even Benarasi silk. The typical choice of colours for the bride are green and yellow with a gold border.

Why do Marathi brides wear Mundavalya?

The Mundavalya is tied on bride’s forehead when she is ready to step towards the mandap. It means that she is happily ready to marriage. The Maharashtrian wedding is incomplete without Mundavalya.