Which area comes under West Singhbhum?

Which area comes under West Singhbhum?

There are 3 sub-divisions and 18 blocks in West-Singhbhum district.

Sl No. District Block
1 West-Singhbhum Sonua
2 West-Singhbhum Gudri
3 West-Singhbhum Bandgaon
4 West-Singhbhum Chakradharpur

Why is Singhbhum famous?

Singhbhum is known for its iron ore deposits and it provides for the iron ore requirements of the IISCO steel plants located at Hirapur, Kulti and Burnpur.

How many blocks are there in West Singhbhum district?

19 blocks
At present West Singhbhum district consists of 19 blocks and two administrative Sub-divisions. Name of the blocks are Majhgaon, Kumardungi, Jagannathpur, Hatgamhariya, Manjhari, Tantnagar, Chaibasa, Jhinkpani, Khuntpani, Tonto, Noamundi, Chakradharpur, Sonua, Goeilkera, Manoharpur, Anandpur, Gudri, Bero and Bandgaon.

How many villages are there in West Singhbhum district?

C.D.Block-wise List

Sl No C.D.Block Total Villages
1 Anandpur 88
2 Bandgaon 216
3 Chaibasa 76
4 Chakradharpur 182

How many Panchayat are there in West Singhbhum district?


Name Detail
No. of Revenue Mandals 64 (62 Rural + 2 Urban)
No. of Gram Panchayats 1069
No. of Municipal Corporations 2
No. of Villages 1681

What is the area of East Singhbhum?

1,364 mi²East Singhbhum / Area

What is Koderma in Jharkhand famous for?

Kodarma district of Jharkhand state has been famous worldwide for mica minning,specially for ruby mica. The district had the monopoly in producing mica for years and themica was exported to many countries worldwide. The main reserve of mica is found under theforest of mild life sanctuary of Kodarma.

How many mines are there in Jharkhand?

Status of Mineral Deposits of Jharkhand

Sl.No. Mineral District
1 Coal Dhanbad, Bokaro, Latehar, Giridih, Ramgarh, Chatra, Hazaribagh, Pakur, Dumka
2 Iron Ore Haematite) West Singhbhum
3 Apatite rock Phosphate East Singhbhum, Garhwa
4 Cobalt East Singhbhum

What is the population of West Singhbhum?

West Singhbhum district
• Total 7,224 km2 (2,789 sq mi)
Population (2011)
• Total 1,502,338
• Density 210/km2 (540/sq mi)

Who is the SP of West Singhbhum?

Sri Ajay Linda
District Administration

Name Designation Phone
Sri Ajay Linda (I.P.S) Superintendent of Police +919431706451
Sri. Sandeep Bakshi Deputy Development Commissioner +916200057405
Shri Amit Prakash Director ITDA 8294041010
Sri Santosh Kumar Sinha Additional Deputy Commissioner +919471584657

How many Panchayat are there in Jharkhand?

115 Gram Panchayats
Administrative Setup The District consists of 774 Villages, 115 Gram Panchayats, 2 Sub-Divisions, 9 Blocks, 9 Circles, 1 Nagar Panchayat and 12 Police Stations.

How many divisions are there in Jharkhand?

5 divisions
Presently, 24 districts of Jharkhand are grouped in to 5 divisions.