Where is DbContext in Entity Framework?

Where is DbContext in Entity Framework?

DbContext class, as shown below. The class that derives DbContext is called context class in entity framework. DbContext is an important class in Entity Framework API….DbContext Properties.

Method Usage
ChangeTracker Provides access to information and operations for entity instances that this context is tracking.

What is DbContext entry?

The DbEntityEntry is an important class, useful in retrieving various information about an entity. You can get an instance of DBEntityEntry of a particular entity by using the Entry method of DbContext.

Is DbContext transient or scoped?

Hence all services injecting DbContext (which itself is a scoped service) can only be transient or scoped. “In terms of lifetime, the singleton object gets the highest life per instantiation, followed by a Scoped service object and the least by a Transient object.”

What all operations could be done using DbContext instance?

You can use a DbContext associated to a model to:

  • Write and execute queries.
  • Materialize query results as entity objects.
  • Track changes that are made to those objects.
  • Persist object changes back on the database.
  • Bind objects in memory to UI controls.

What is entity entry?

Gets an EntityEntry for the given entity. The entry provides access to change tracking information and operations for the entity. This method may be called on an entity that is not tracked. You can then set the State property on the returned entry to have the context begin tracking the entity in the specified state.

What is attach in entity Framework?

Attach is used to repopulate a context with an entity that is known to already exist in the database. SaveChanges will therefore not attempt to insert an attached entity into the database because it is assumed to already be there.