Where did the soldiers stop and enter in the poem?

Where did the soldiers stop and enter in the poem?

at farmer’s house at doctor’s house. at parson’s house. at the speaker of the poem’s house​

Who is the speaker referring to as being Moonborn?

Who is the speaker referring to as being ‘Moonborn’? Answer: Jimmy, Mr and Mrs Anderson’s son.

What is that sound ballad?

‘O what is That Sound’ is a ballad style poem with the events in it taking in an unspecified time giving it a universal ideology. It is poem of presumably war, its effects on a couple and betrayal.

Where does the speaker think he will be at noon?

Answer: The speaker thinks he will be in the land of a strange king at noon.

What is that sound that so thrills the ear?

O what is that sound which so thrills the ear Down in the valley, drumming, drumming? Only the scarlet soldiers, dear, The soldiers coming.

What is the sound poem?

Sound poetry is an artistic form bridging literary and musical composition, in which the phonetic aspects of human speech are foregrounded instead of more conventional semantic and syntactic values; “verse without words”.

What does the poet hear what is he doing when he hears that?

Answer: his memory and imagination, the speaker hears the quiet lapping of small waves along the lakeshore that are a constant sound there.

Do you think the speaker will ever make it to Innisfree Why or why not?

Answer. The speaker desires to go to Innisfree because he is fred up of his daily busy life. He wants to feel nature. He want to take a break from his busy life which is full of stress.

What is the genre of O What is that sound?

“O What Is That Sound” is a ballad by W. H. Auden, written in October 1932 and first published in 1934.

What message does the image convey Do you agree with the message?

Answer. Answer: The image conveys a message that everyone should be confident of themselves. Whatever color, whatever position, whatever occupation, always be optimistic and believe that you can do anything as long as you have faith and put hardwork on it.

What sound does the speaker of the poem here?

1 Answer. Apart from the sound of his horse’s harness bell, the poet hears the sound of the sweeping wind and falling snow flakes. The fact that the speaker mentions hearing the sound of the snow fall indicates how quiet the forest is on that snowy day. The sounds heard by the speaker are sounds of nature.

What is the best thing about Innisfree?

Answer: The isle of Innisfree stands for unadulterated natural beauty. A visit to Innisfree gives immense joy, pleasure and peace to the poet. The sounds of honeybees, crickets and the lake water lapping by the shore tempt him to go there again and again.

What is that sound theme?

A sound theme is a set of event sounds that share a common feel, or instrument set. The user can then select the sound theme that they want to use, and all applications use sounds from the theme. From a programmer perspective a sound theme is just a mapping.

What message does the persona convey through this poem?

Answer: The message that this poem conveys is that the peace which one can get in isolated or untouched areas with a lot of greenery can not be attained at any other place or with any sort of materialistic things or crowd of cities.

Where is the speaker finding peace?


What happens to the second speaker in o What is that sound?

The speaker who seems calmer is the second speaker, who answers the questions he was asked. Reread the last stanza. What happens to the second speaker? The second speaker is taken away by the soldiers.

What is the speaker looking for at Innisfree?

In this poem, the speaker wishes to go to Innisfree to obtain the peace and solitary pleasures of life. This place is the setting where Yeats spent his childhood years. Now situated in the bustling, chaotic city, he wishes to escape his urban setting.

What sound does the speaker of the poem hear?

What does the speaker mean by promises?

Answer : The ‘promises’ are the duties and responsibilities which the speaker has towards himself and others. There are many commitments and compulsions that he needs to take care of. He wants to fulfill those duties and responsibilities before embracing a long sleep, which is death.

What can we say about the present state of mind of the speaker?

Answer. The present state of mind of the speaker is that he is now at a very crowded street full of violance and all , from their he is thinking about his experience in innisfree and write the things he done as shown in the text.

Where does the speaker wants to go?

Answer. Answer: he speaker wants to go to Innisfree. Because there is no peace in the city where he lives now.

Where is WH Auden buried?