Where can I find a fire stone in Pokemon Black and White?

Where can I find a fire stone in Pokemon Black and White?

Fire Stone

  • One of the Fire, Water & Leaf Stones can be obtained from a man in the dock area of Castelia City. He’ll ask a question about your Pan-Pokemon. You can tell which one you have or you can answer as you wish to recieve your desired Stone.
  • One can be found in Desert Resort.

Where do you get stones in Pokemon Black?

Players can find Evolution stones in dust clouds. Players can purchase Evolution stones in Black CityB or White ForestW on weekdays. The Thunderstone, Fire Stone, Dusk Stone, and Dawn Stone can be purchased in Black City. The Leaf Stone, Water Stone, and Shiny Stone can be purchased in White Forest.

Where do I get a fire stone?

Fire Stone is found in Motostoke Riverbank (Wild Area). Cross the bridge that’s connecting North Lake Miloch to Motostoke Riverbank. After the bridge, immediately turn left and you’ll see a red Pokeball pickup next to 3 rusted pipes, that’s the Fire Stone right there.

Where is the fire stone in desert resort?

Backpacker Tami (T4) – $528 Walk all the way South in this area until you reach a Max Ether, head a little to the right with the Dowsing Machine on and you’ll come across a hidden Fire Stone that will definitely come in handy.

What does a Firestone do in Pokemon?

The Fire Stone, first appearing in Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow games and appearing in every game ever since, is a one-time-use item that can be used to evolve certain fire-type Pokémon. It is the only way these certain Pokémon can evolve.

What Pokémon evolve with a fire stone in Pokemon Black?

In Pokémon Black and White, the Fire Stone is used to evolve Pansear into Simisear. The Water Stone is used to evolve Panpour into Simipour. The Thunder Stone is used to evolve Eelektrik into Eelektross.

How do I get Firestone arceus?

Fire Stone can be purchased from the Outpost Trader using Merit Points – gained by finding NPCs and/or other player’s lost Satchels (when playing off and online, respectively), and found in Space-time Distortions.

Where is Fire Stone in White 2?

Evolution Items

Name Location
Dusk Stone Strange House, Victory Road, Black City, and Twist Mountain
Electrizer Plasma Frigate @ Route 21 (White 2)
Everstone Driftveil City
Fire Stone Battle Subway, Desert Resort, Lentimas Town, and Black City

Where is the Desert Resort in Pokemon White?

Unova region
The Desert Resort (Japanese: リゾートデザート Resort Desert) is a desert located within the Unova region. It is connected to Route 4 at its southeastern exit. It provides access to the Relic Castle. It has two subareas: desert and entrance.