What version of Minecraft is on Apple TV?

What version of Minecraft is on Apple TV?

Minecraft: Apple TV Edition was the version of Bedrock Edition designed to run on the Apple TV. It was announced on October 27, 2016, officially released on December 19, 2016, alongside the Fire TV Edition, and discontinued on September 24, 2018. The release of the Apple TV Edition coincided with the Ender Update.

Will Minecraft come back to Apple TV?

Microsoft is no longer supporting the Apple TV version of Minecraft. The app has has been pulled from the App Store, and an in-game message notes that it won’t receive any further updates, though it’ll continue to be playable.

Why is there no Minecraft for Apple TV?

Effective from Monday, 24 September, the Apple TV version of Minecraft will no longer be updated or supported. We’re grateful to the Apple TV community for their support but we need to reallocate resources to the platforms that our players use the most.

Is the new Minecraft free?

Update: There is now a free “Minecraft Launcher” edition available to download on the Microsoft Store (opens in new tab). Mojang says that it can be downloaded by anyone, but you’ll need to either outright own the version you want to play or be a Game Pass subscriber.

Can I play Minecraft on TV?

P opular kids’ computer game Minecraft is coming to Netflix, allowing children to play the game at home on their television screens. Minecraft: Story Mode on Netflix will be a five-part series that is set for release later this year.

Can you play Minecraft on fire stick?

Effective in June 2021, Minecraft will no longer be updated or supported on FireTV Gen1, FireTV Gen2, and Android KitKat OS v20 and below.

How often do apples drop Minecraft?


Java Edition Indev
1.8 Apples are now stackable.
Java Edition
1.0.0 Apples are now found in the new stronghold altar chests.
1.1 Oak leaves now have a 1/200 chance of dropping an apple when destroyed, making apples fully renewable.

Is Minecraft no longer updating?

If you haven’t moved on already (for some reason), Mojang Studios is giving you another reason to. That’s not to say Minecraft will simply cease to work on these devices. Starting in October 2020, these devices won’t receive any further updates or support for Minecraft.