What is thread count in Tibco BW?

What is thread count in Tibco BW?

The Thread Count concept states the number of thread a TIBCO BW engine can allocate. The default number of threads is eight. The number of threads means the number of jobs that can be executed simultaneously in the engine.

What is thread in Tibco?

The thread pool is a queue of threads available to run a collection of tasks. Thread pools are used to improve performance when executing large numbers of asynchronous tasks by reducing per task invocation overhead.

What is process instance in Tibco BW?

Execution of any process creates an execution scope for the activities that are a part of the process and this scope is called a process instance . Each process instance has a unique id which is referred to as “ProcessInstanceId”. The execution of a process is triggered by various events.

What is Flow Limit In Tibco?

Flow limit is useful when the engine needs to be throttled, as the property specifies the maximum number of jobs that can be started before suspending the process starter. This ensures that the incoming requests do not overwhelm the engine performance and the CPU and memory is preserved.

What are Max jobs and flow limit?

a) If we pump 50 messages on the queue at the same time, 10 will be loaded in memory(Max Jobs), 8 will start executing and remaining 10 will be in flow controlled state(paged to the disk)(cause of flow limit to be 20).

What is critical section in Tibco?

Critical Section groups are used to synchronize process instances. At run time, multiple process instances can be executed concurrently. You can use Critical Section groups to synchronize the set of actions performed in the process across multiple process instances.

What is activation limit?

Activation limit flag specifies that once a process instance is loaded in the memory; It must reside in memory till the time its execution is completed. This flag is useful if we wish to process the incoming requests in sequential manner or if you want to enforce limited concurrent execution of process instances.

What is transaction Tibco?

Transaction is one of the group actions that you can use for activities grouped in a TIBCO BW process. Transaction group combines a set of activities as a single unit and they are commit or rollbacked based on completion of complete transaction.

What is activation limit in Tibco?

What is local transaction?

Whenever your application connected to a database using JDBC or a SQL server, you were creating a transaction. However, the transaction involved only the single database and all updates made to the database were committed at the end of these changes. This is referred to as a local transaction.

What is global transaction?

A global transaction is a mechanism that allows a set of programming tasks, potentially using more than one resource manager and potentially executing on multiple servers, to be treated as one logical unit.

Where would you use a global transaction?

You use a global transaction when multiple resources manage the transactions. When you use a global transaction, the transaction manager adjusts the multiple resource transactions and concludes the transactions in such a way that the consistency is not lost.