What is the standard width of a soffit?

What is the standard width of a soffit?

16 inches to 24 inches
While not all soffit board sizes are the same, the width of most soffit falls in the range of 16 inches to 24 inches when used to cover the eaves of the home. In addition, standard soffit sizes feature a ¼-inch thickness, too, which can help with installation.

What is the minimum width of a soffit?

1 Wood Structural Panel Soffit. The minimum nominal thickness for wood structural panel soffits shall be 3/8 inch (9.5 mm) and shall be fastened to framing or nailing strips with 2-inch by 0.099-inch (51 mm × 2.5 mm) nails.

How thick should a soffit be?

Standard soffit material is 3/8- or 1/2-inch-thick exterior plywood in pine (or similar softwoods) or cedar. Common, but much less durable, is Masonite or similar fiberboard soffit, as well as much more weather-resistant fiber-cement.

What is the standard length of soffit?

Panels come in 12-foot lengths that are either 12 or 16 inches wide. Therefore, a panel that is 12 inches wide equates to 12 square feet, and a panel that is 16 inches wide equates to 16 square feet. Plan on purchasing enough soffit to cover about 5 percent more space than necessary to account for waste and overlaps.

How tall should a soffit be?

Standard Ceiling Space Soffit space should begin 84 inches off the kitchen floor. This means that a typical soffit for an 8-foot tall kitchen will be 12 inches high. But, you will still need to ensure this size space works well for your kitchen. The standard size is only a general starting point.

How deep is a soffit?

Soffits: A soffit is the bulkhead between the ceiling and the top of the cabinets. Distance from floor to soffit should be at least 84″. Allow another 1/4″ if you install an 84″ cabinet. Depth may vary – normal is 13″ which is 1″ deeper than a wall cabinet.

What is standard soffit overhang?

There is no true standard size for overhangs, but typical overhangs that are used for protection from rainfall are 16-18 inches wide. Overhangs wanted for shading should be minimally 24 inches. More commonly, they are 36 inches wide or more.

Can I use plywood for a soffit?

Although unsanded and touch-sanded grades of plywood are often used for soffits, optimum appearance and finish performance is achieved by using panels with Medium Density Overlay (MDO), or textured (such as APA 303 Siding) or sanded A-grade faces.

How do I choose a soffit?

You should choose colors that will complement your siding and your home’s overall look. Therefore, if you have navy blue siding, bright white soffit may not be the best choice. Some manufacturers create soffit and fascia in other colors, but you will have to paint the materials if you want unique colors.

What is the best wood to use for soffit?