What is the standard height of an ottoman?

What is the standard height of an ottoman?

Ottomans sometimes, but not always, measure slightly shorter than the sofa or couch. The ideal ottoman height is between 15.5” and 22”. Some homeowners prefer their ottoman sit at the same height as their sofa, especially if it’s used as a footstool.

Is an ottoman supposed to be higher than the couch?

You want the ottoman to be at least an inch lower than your sofa or chair. You don’t want your feet going uphill, or down too low.” Consider the importance of mobility: “Do you want it to move around,” Mr. de Biasi asked, “or just sit there?” If it needs to be mobile, look for a piece that’s lightweight or on casters.

Should an ottoman be the same height as the chair?

Ideally, your ottoman will be roughly an inch (a few centimetres) shorter than the seat height of your chair or sofa. To work this out, simply measure from the ground to the top of the seat’s cushion.

How tall should footstools be?

Footstools are typically made of wood, low to the ground, and primarily used as a foot rest while sitting in a chair. They may have some fabric or padding, but will never be described as plush. Because they are generally no more than 12 inches high, these pieces are not appropriate for seating.

What sizes do round ottomans come in?

Round ottomans are generally smaller than other ottomans and range from 15 to 23 inches across.

How far should an ottoman be from a chair?

An ottoman should be 12 inches away from a chair. This distance will allow your feet to reach when using it as a footrest while still providing enough space to get in and out of the chair.

Can you have 2 ottomans in a living room?

ottomans, cubes, poufs or hassocks or what they are upholstered with or their style. When you decorate your space by placing two identical ottomans side by side in a room – you create not only decorative interest, but also versatility and multi-function.

Are ottomans worth it?

Ottomans have seen a big increase in popularity in recent years, and for good reason. An ottoman is an extremely versatile piece and does more than provide a comfortable place to prop your feet up. It enhances your home’s overall style and adds a touch of class and sophistication to any space.

What size is a large ottoman?

Ottomans come in a large variety of shapes and sizes that range in height from 13”-20” (33-51 cm). Most ottomans are sized to pair with their coordinated furniture sets and are designed with matching heights.