What is the name of the ABC science show?

What is the name of the ABC science show?

The Science Show gives Australians unique insights into the latest scientific research and debate, from the physics of cricket to prime ministerial biorhythms. Listen for free on your mobile device on the ABC Listen app, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts or your favourite podcast app.

Who hosts catalyst?

The Catalyst staff include the experienced presenter Graham Phillips, who has been a reporter on the ABC science programs Catalyst, Quantum and Hot Chips, and Jonica Newby, who has twice won Australia’s premier science journalism prize, the Australian Museum Eureka prize for science journalism.

Who is Robyn Williams partner?

Jonica Newby
Personal life. Williams is in a long-term relationship with Jonica Newby, a former presenter on ABC Television’s Catalyst science journalism program.

What time is catalyst on ABC tonight?

Catalyst is regularly broadcast on ABC TV at 8:30 pm on Tuesdays and repeated at 6:00 pm on Sundays.

What is catalyst synonym?

impetus, incentive, motivation, stimulant, adjuvant, agitator, enzyme, goad, impulse, incendiary, incitation, incitement, reactant, reactionary, spur, synergist, spark plug.

Where can I watch catalyst?


  • Episodes. Contact.
  • Tue 8:30pm on ABC TV + iview.

What’s a catalyst person?

Definition of catalyst a person or thing that precipitates an event or change: His imprisonment by the government served as the catalyst that helped transform social unrest into revolution. a person whose talk, enthusiasm, or energy causes others to be more friendly, enthusiastic, or energetic.

What’s another word for widow?

What is another word for widow?

dowager relict
surviving wife surviving spouse

Is catalyst still on ABC?

The program is currently the only science show on primetime television in Australia. Launched in 2001, it replaced Quantum which had ceased the previous year….Catalyst (TV program)

Running time 30 minutes (2001-2016) 60 minutes (2017-present)
Original network ABC Television
Picture format 1080p (HD)